Will There be a Love Island USA Season 3?

Is there anything better than watching romance brewing in a few days and fading out as quickly as it had started? We believe not. And what’s even spicier? Hot singles getting cozy in an island paradise! Well, this is the essence of ‘Love Island USA’, the American version of the British fan-favorite social experiment. The show, which dropped its second season in August 2020, does not necessarily take place on an island. Thanks to the COVID-19 restrictions, the second run is filmed in a luxe villa in Las Vegas. But in spite of the changed location, season 2 managed to stick to its addictive premise. And now that it has ended, let’s get to the details of ‘Love Island USA’ season 3.

Love Island USA Season 3 Release Date:

‘Love Island USA’ season 2 premiered on August 24, 2020, on CBS. It ended with its 34th episode on September 30, 2020. Unfortunately, the cabler has not yet officially announced the third season. And to add to our disappointment, the ratings of season 2 are pretty low when compared with those of season 1. Casting calls for a new edition have not opened either. Therefore, we cannot get our hopes up. If at all, CBS decides to push their luck with the next outing, we can expect ‘Love Island USA’ season 3 to premiere sometime in 2021.

Love Island USA Season 3 Cast: Who Can be in it?

‘Love Island USA’ is hosted by Arielle Vandenberg, the talented actress and comedian, whose major television credits include ‘How I Met Your Mother’, ‘Greek’, ‘Meet the Browns’, ‘The Ugly Truth’, and ‘Bones’. She has also hosted ‘Car Show’ on the mobile app Go90 and boasts a massive fan following on her social media channels. She is joined by Matthew Hoffman as the narrator. Hoffman is a television host and personality, who has appeared in ‘The Year: With Robin Roberts’. He has additionally hosted ‘The Greatest Interview Ever With Matthew Hoffman’. If season 3 is commissioned, both Vandenberg and Hoffman are expected to make a comeback.

Season 2 introduces us to 31 islanders. Following a series of eliminations or ‘dumpings’, four couples make it to the grand finale — in a battle to bag the cash prize of $100,000. The eight islanders are Caleb Corprew, Justine Ndiba, Calvin Cobb, Carrington Rodriguez, Cely Vazquez, Johnny Middlebrooks, Laurel Goldman, and Moira Tumas. On the finale night, the couple that gets the highest number of votes from the public is handed two envelopes, one for each partner. While one envelope has the $100,000, the other is empty. The winner can choose to share the cash with his/her partner or pocket the whole amount. Season 3 will feature a bunch of new, vibrant singles from across the US.

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