Lucifer Season 7: Renewed or Cancelled?

Lucifer‘ is one of the most shining examples of how fans are the ultimate voice behind a show’s success or failure. The popular supernatural drama series was saved from cancellation after a vigorous fan campaign and went on to roll out six entertaining and critically acclaimed seasons. Based on the eponymous DC Comics character, the show tells the story of Lucifer Morningstar, a fallen angel and the Devil incarnate who lives on Earth. Developed for television by Tom Kapinos, it first premiered in 2016 and was mostly a police procedural show.

However, the latter seasons of the occult detective series embraced the source material’s fantasy elements, brought its fresh brand of humor, and created expansive mythology of its own. With the sixth season of the show bringing things a full circle and providing Lucifer with his biggest challenge, fans must be wondering whether it is truly the end of the road for their favorite show. In that case, here’s everything we know about a potential ‘Lucifer’ season 7!

Lucifer Season 7 Release Date

‘Lucifer’ season 6 arrived on September 10, 2021, on Netflix. The sixth season consists of ten episodes with a runtime of 44-65 minutes. It was released nearly four months after the second half of the preceding season hit the streaming service.

In the six seasons, if we have learned anything about the titular character, it is that you cannot get rid of Lucifer so easily. That also turned out to be true for the show itself. The show’s original network Fox axed it after its third season. Shortly after that, Netflix picked it up for a fourth installment. The streaming giant renewed the series for a fifth installment that was then expected to be it’s last. However, owing to the show’s popularity, Netflix greenlit a sixth season in mid-2020.

With the sixth season being rolled out, many fans were hoping and praying that such a miracle would again take place with the series being renewed for the seventh season. With heavy hearts and teary eyes, we inform you that the show’s sixth season is indeed its swansong. Netflix has not renewed the series for season 7, and the plan was always for season 6 to be the end of the road. The cast and crew have already bid farewell to their characters and the show as a whole through various social media posts.

Netflix heavily marketed season 6 as the final season with the tagline “All Good Things Must Come To an End,” highlighting the impending farewell. In July 2021, co-showrunner Joe Henderson replied to a fan tweet confirming that the series hadn’t been renewed for season 7 and season 6 is our last dance with the Devil. The response should serve as the final nail in the coffin carrying hopes of a seventh season. Fans did try to save the show once again with a petition, but nothing materialized. Hence, as of now, ‘Lucifer’ season 7 is officially canceled.

As far as the story is concerned, season 6 is a satisfying final chapter that ends with Lucifer realizing his calling. He understands that Hell no longer needs a keeper but a healer. He saves Rory from giving in to her anger and guilt. Thus, Lucifer saves her soul and hopes that he can do the same with the other tortured souls of Hell. The series ends with Lucifer returning to hell as a better person than he was.

Continuing the story in a prospective season 7 would require undoing a lot of the emotional impact and baggage created by the ending of the sixth season. Therefore, all things considered, it is finally time to bid adieu to Lucifer and his friends while cherishing the lessons we learned on this journey of watching the Devil redeem himself. We do live in an era where reboots and sequels are becoming a norm, and ‘Lucifer’ could one day return to our screens in a new incarnation. However, it will likely be a few years before that happens. Till then, you can satiate your appetite by watching re-runs of your favorite show.

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