Luck 2: Will There be a Luck Sequel?

Directed by Peggy Holmes, ‘Luck’ is a computer-animated fantasy family film. The story follows Sam Greenfield, a clumsy 18-year-old girl who just might have the worst luck in the world. After growing up in an orphanage, Sam moves out to live on her own, but her misfortune follows her. That changes for a day when she meets a mysterious black cat and picks up the penny he accidentally leaves behind. Her luck suddenly becomes infinitely better, and she decides to give it to her younger best friend Hazel so the latter can find a wonderful forever home. However, she ends up losing the penny. Feeling despondent, she babbles about her day to the cat when she sees him again, not realizing that he is a magical Scottish cat. After the cat reveals himself, Sam follows him to the Land of Luck and comes to an agreement with the cat, whose name is Bob. Sam will help Bob get another penny, and in turn, she can give it to Hazel for a few hours.

Following its release, ‘Luck’ received mixed to negative reviews. While the film’s animation received praise, its plot and over-expositions were criticized. If you are wondering whether there will be a ‘Luck 2,’ we got you covered.

Luck 2 Release Date

‘Luck’ was released on August 5, 2022, on Apple TV+. The film was originally set to release in the theaters on March 19, 2021, but suffered multiple delays. As for ‘Luck 2,’ this is what we know.

Neither the film’s producers nor Apple executives have confirmed the development of ‘Luck 2.’ However, it’s always a possibility, given that sequel to successful films also often turn out to be successful. It ultimately depends upon how the original film performs.

‘Luck’ is produced by Skydance Animation, a relatively new animation studio established by Skydance Media — known for making live-action films such as ‘True Grit,’ World War Z,’ and ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ — by entering a multi-year partnership with Madrid-based Ilion Animation Studios in 2017. ‘Luck’ is one of Skydance Animation’s first two projects, along with the upcoming animated musical fantasy, ‘Spellbound.’ They have since greenlighted several other projects, including Brad Bird’s ‘Ray Gunn,’ which has been stuck in developmental limbo for a long time.

So, it seems Skydance Animation wants to expand its cache of films quickly. If ‘Luck’ becomes successful, the production house might think that developing a sequel to it will be a good idea. If that happens in the next few months, viewers can expect ‘Luck 2 to come out sometime in Q3 2024.

Luck 2 Cast: Who Can Be in it?

‘Luck’ has an ensemble voice cast that includes Eva Noblezada (Sam), Simon Pegg (Bob), Jane Fonda (Babe the Dragon), Whoopi Goldberg (The Captain), Flula Borg (Jeff the Unicorn), Lil Rel Howery (Marvin), Colin O’Donoghue (Gerry), John Ratzenberger (Rootie), and Hazel (Adelynn Spoon).

If there is a sequel, and if it takes the narrative back to the Land of Luck, most of the characters mentioned above will reprise their roles and be joined by new cast members.

Luck 2 Plot: What Can It be About?

In ‘Luck,’ Sam realizes that the world needs both good and bad luck. As she is the reason that things have broken down, Sam makes one last attempt to fix everything. After gathering good luck from Bad Luck Land, she convinces a reluctant Babe the Dragon to use both good luck and bad luck stones in the Randomizer. Things subsequently return to normal. Bob decides to go to the human world and live with Sam, and Hazel gets adopted. A year later, Hazel comes for a sleepover at Sam and Bob’s apartment.

In the prospective sequel, a new threat might emerge in the Land of Luck. This will prompt the inhabitants to reach out to the one who saved their home the last time. The sequel might be more action-oriented than the original. The film might explore other areas of the Land of Luck, fleshing out the mythology.

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