Lucky Hank Season 2: Possibilities Explored

Image Credit: Eric Ogden/AMC

Based on ‘Straight Man’ by Richard Russo, AMC’s comedy series ‘Lucky Hank’ revolves around William Henry “Hank” Devereaux, Jr., the head of Railton College’s English department. Hank’s life falls apart when his wife Lily Devereaux joins the renowned Arlyle School in New York City. The professor also gets forced to deal with the return of his father Henry Devereaux Sr., who abandoned him when he was young, to his life. The series progresses through Hank’s attempts to deal with these life-altering happenings.

The show was highly acclaimed by critics and audiences alike, garnering praises for its light-hearted narrative and Bob Odenkirk’s incredible performance as the titular English professor. Developed by Paul Lieberstein and Aaron Zelman, the show premiered in March 2023. The first season of the series ends with intriguing developments that set the stage for a second season. Does that mean the sophomore round will materialize? Let us share our take on the same!

Will Lucky Hank Season 2 Happen?

‘Lucky Hank’ season 1 premiered on March 19, 2023, on AMC, concluding its run on May 7, 2023. The first season comprises eight episodes with a runtime of 40-47 minutes each.

As far as the prospects of the second round are concerned, here’s what we can share. AMC has not yet released an official statement regarding the future of the series. However, the chances of the second season materializing are high, especially since AMC hasn’t billed the same as a miniseries, which makes it clear that the network is open to developing the comedy-drama as a multi-season project. Developers Paul Lieberstein and Aaron Zelman have been vocal about the possibility of the sophomore round materializing. The duo even started to think about what will find a place in the second installment if the network renews the show for season 2.

When asked about the show being a “generation clash story” in a recent interview, co-developer Lieberstein talked about exploring the same in the potential second season. “Well, I think we intended to do more of that than we actually did. If we get a Season 2, I think we’ll probably be exploring a lot more of that. The season kind of took over. It kind of, I don’t know, sounds really — I hate people who say, ‘It told us where it was going to go,’ the co-developer told Primetimer. From Lieberstein’s words, it is evident that the creative team behind the show hopes for a renewal of the series.

In addition, Lieberstein has talked about appearing in the show if the second season materializes. “I don’t show up in season 1, but perhaps season 2,” the ‘The Office’ fame told Slash Film. Furthermore, it is confirmed that AMC will submit the first season of the show in comedy categories for the Emmy Awards, which is a testament to its valuation by the network. If the viewership of the season, among other factors, satisfies the network, AMC is expected to greenlight season 2. If renewed soon, we can expect ‘Lucky Hank’ season 2 to release sometime in Q1 2024.

Narrative-wise, the first season of the show ends with Hank leaving Railton for New York City to start living with his wife Lily. The potential second season may depict Hank’s NYC experiences and how his presence changes Lily’s time in the city. Since Dean Rose doesn’t accept Hank’s resignation, the latter may get forced to return to Railton College as well. Although Richard Russo’s novel ‘Straight Man,’ the source text of the show, doesn’t have a sequel, there is enough material in the novel that hasn’t been adapted yet. If the network renews the comedy-drama for season 2, we may see Lieberstein and Zelman making use of these portions left in the novel to form the narrative of the same.

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