Lust Stories 3: Will There be Another Film in the Series?

Featuring four compelling short film segments by noted Indian filmmakers R. Balki, Konkona Sen Sharma, Sujoy Ghosh, and Amit Ravindernath Sharma, Netflix’s ‘Lust Stories 2’ is an interesting anthology film. Serving as a sequel to the eponymous 2018 anthology film, it looks at desire, sexuality, intimacy, and even abuse from the perspective of modern relationships. As each of the protagonists encounter unique challenges, the viewers feel their own situations and journeys are reflected in the same way. Given the unpredictable outcomes and reactions to the anthology film, many are wondering about the future of the ‘Lust Stories’ franchise. Well, let’s discuss that, shall we?

Will Lust Stories 3 Happen?

‘Lust Stories 2’ globally debuted on Netflix on June 29, 2023, with four 25-30 min segments exploring the intricacies of modern love and lust. Since its arrival, it has mostly received positive to mixed reviews for its realistic approach.

Although neither the makers nor Netflix have not made any official announcement regarding a third anthology film in the ‘Lust Stories’ series, the format and iterations heavily point toward the possibility of renewal. Since it is an anthology film with four distinct filmmakers, numerous new talented directors can be given a chance to present their takes on lust and love.

Moreover, some of the short films in ‘Lust Stories 2’ have somewhat revelatory endings, hinting at the possibility of revisiting them in future anthology series. For example, Anil Ravendernath Sharma directed ‘Tilchatta’ ends with Devyani (Kajol) realizing that her son’s life has been ruined and her husband escaping her plan for revenge unscathed. A potential third film could explore her next course of action and if she finally manages to escape her husband’s cruelty. Besides, ‘Lust Stories’ did phenomenally well with the viewers and critics, so chances are high that ‘Lust Stories’ will be brought back for a third iteration.

On top of it, given the vast difference in each story and its socio-economic settings shown in seasons 1 and 2, point toward the multiple facets of the common themes of the ‘Lust Stories’ series. Both the first and second iterations have spoken about the importance of female pleasure, the hunger for intimacy, and honesty in relationships, and the possible third film might reveal new aspects of these themes refreshingly. Still, one must note that Netflix is particular about audience reactions and viewership; these two often determine the fate of all shows and movies on the streaming service.

Hence, whether ‘Lust Stories 3’ sees the light of day depends on the audience’s response to the film, which may take a few months to determine since its release. Furthermore, anthology films are often made with a common thread of thought, and assembling a team of filmmakers with the same vision is not an easy task. Consequently, the third iteration of the anthology film series may face difficulties if such a like-minded crew cannot be brought on board.

Nevertheless, once Netflix greenlights the project, it may take a couple of months to go on the floors, depending on the cast, crew availability, and other external factors. Moreover, the development and multiple stages of production may push ahead its arrival a little bit more. Considering all these factors, one can expect the potential ‘Lust Stories 3’ to arrive sometime in late 2025.

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