Macaulay Culkin Net Worth

How much is Macaulay Culkin worth? $16 million

How did Macaulay Culkin earn his money and wealth?

The super kid star Macaulay Carson Culkin born in New York City, U.S on August 26, 1980. He is the son of former actor Christopher Cornelius “Kit” Culkin who is well-known for his productions on Broadway and mother, Patricia Brentrup. The kid star started his journey at the age of four. In the beginning, he took a role in a stage production of Bach Babies at the New York Philharmonic. He continued to come in view in characters on stages, television, and films all over the 1980s. “The Equalizer”, popular action series and “The Midnight Hour”, a TV movie were the most noteworthy parts of Culkin in that period. He was spotted by Uncle Buck with John Candy in 1989.

In 1990, Culkin rejoined the writer and director of Uncle Buck, John Hughes and also his Uncle Buck co-star, John Candy which introduced Culkin to international fame with his lead role as Kevin McCallister in the superhit movie Home Alone (1990). He also acted in the sequence Home Alone 2: Lost in New York in 1992 which also went on to be a blockbuster and is on of the most watched holiday season movies. He was nominated by Golden Globes for Best Actor in the Motion Picture Musical or Comedy category for Home Alone, the first installment.

In 1990, Culkin became the highest paid actor of all time, and he was one among the under-13 performers who could be counted on to “open” a picture. He also appeared in a music video of Michael Jackson (Black or White) where they became close friends. Both VH1 and E! tagged him at No.2 in their respective lists of the “100 Greatest Kid-Stars” and “50 Greatest Child Stars”. In the category of Best Villian for his role in The Good Son (1994), he was also nominated for MTV Movie Award for the film.

After many years of idleness, Culkin reappeared in acting with a role in the play “Madame Melville” which was staged in London’s West End. Culkin again stepped back into Motion pictures with Party Monster in 2003. Culkin during those days received many positive compliments for his acting in the movie “Saved.” In 2004, he starred in a music video “Sunday” by the rock band Sonic Youth. In 2006, Culkin published a semi-autobiographical novel which elaborated the unsteady relationship with his father and also about how he got his recognition.

Culkin was featured in an experimental movie “The Wrong Ferrari” by musician Adam Green which was entirely shot on an iPhone. He appeared alongside Green’s former bandmate Jack Dishel to perform in a music video called “Stamp Your Name On It.” In September 2012, he described how he converted his apartment in New York into a painting workshop through a video on YouTube. Culkin also merged with Meerkats Aleksandr and Sergei in July 2016 in “Compare the Market’s” new ad.

What are the highest grossing movies of Macaulay Culkin?

  1.   Home Alone (1990) – $173.59 Million
  2.   Home Alone 2: Lost in New York (1992) – $285.76 Million
  3.   Jacob’s Ladder (1990) – $26.12 Million
  4.   The Pagemaster (1994) – $13.67 Million
  5.   The Nutcracker (1993) – $2.12 Million
  6.   My Girl (1991) – $59.85 Million
  7.   The Good Son (1993) – $44.59 Million
  8.   Richie Rich (1994) – $38.09 Million
  9.   Getting Even with Dad (1994) – $18.44 Million
  10.   Uncle Buck (1989) – $66.76 Million

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