Mai Season 2: Renewed or Canceled?

Created by Atul Mongia, ‘Mai: A Mother’s Rage’ is a Hindi crime thriller TV series that follows Sheel’s fight to seek justice for her daughter Supriya, who is murdered in a hit and run. As the grieving mother begins investigating the truth, she stumbles upon an elaborate ploy by a politician and his underworld connections to cover up a medical scam. Determined to avenge Supriya’s death, Sheel begins cleverly eliminating the key players of the racket one by one, not fearing the dangers that may befall her.

A gripping revenge saga about a mother who crosses all extents to punish her daughter’s killers, the show keeps everyone on the edge of their seats. Fans love the stellar cast performances as well as the fast-paced narrative and are curious to know if they shall ever see Sheel in action again. If you, too, wish to find out more about ‘Mai: A Mother’s Rage’ season 2, you’ve found an ally in us. Let’s find out together!

Mai Season 2 Release Date

‘Mai: A Mother’s Rage’ season 1 landed on April 15, 2022, on Netflix. It has a total of six episodes that each span around 42-54 minutes. Now, here is what we can tell you about the second season.

The makers have not yet divulged any information about a potential sophomore season being developed, but there are high chances that it may materialize soon. As of now, the show has largely received a mixed response from the viewers and critics, but they shall most likely warm up to it in the coming days. Moreover, the riveting ending of the debut season leaves a lot of questions unanswered, which provides a lot of material for another outing of the show.

Furthermore, several other crime thriller TV shows on Netflix like ‘Sacred Games’ and ‘Who Killed Sara’ have returned with at least one more season, so ‘Mai: A Mother’s Rage’ may repeat a similar pattern. Hence, it shall be no surprise if the probable second season is greenlit by the streaming service soon by the end of Summer 2022. How much time it takes for the show to come back again depends on the availability of the cast members and the production schedule. If everything goes well, ‘Mai: A Mother’s Rage’ season 2 can be expected to arrive sometime in Q3 2023.

Mai Season 2 Cast: Who can be in it?

In case season 2 is given the nod, Sakshi Tanwar and Vivek Mushran are confirmed to return as Sheel and Yash Chaudhary, Supriya’s parents. Anant Vidhaat Sharma will also reprise the role of Prashant, while Prashant Narayanan can be expected to appear as Mohandas Vyas. In addition, Ankur Ratan and Seema Pahwa may come back as Farooque Siddiqui and Kalpana, respectively.

However, Wamiqa Gabbi, Raima Sen, and Omkar Jaiprakash won’t be coming backing as their characters Supriya, Neelam, and Keshav are dead. Apart from this, Saurabh Dubey (Raghu), Vaibhav Raj Gupta (Shankar), Sandeepa Dhar (Inaya), and Mikhail Gandhi (Archit) might return as well. Furthermore, new additions to the cast list can be anticipated, who will introduce new characters into the future storyline.

Mai Season 2 Plot: What can it be About?

In season 1, a nurse named Sheel Chaudhary witnesses her non-speaking daughter Dr. Supriya being run over by a truck in broad daylight. Though the police dismiss it as a case of drunk driving, a determined Sheel, who works at a nursing home, starts digging deeper to find the truth. She discovers that Supriya was a key onlooker in a medical scam involving politician Jawahar Vyas and businessman Goyal. When bribe money did not silence her, Jawahar’s mistress Neelam got the young doctor murdered. Thus, Sheel decides to go after all those involved, beginning with Jawahar.

After Jawahar accidentally dies, she seeks the help of his assistant, Prashant, to cover up her involvement. Sheel and Prashant realize that Jawahar possessed a crucial crypto key that everyone is after and set out to find it. Meanwhile, Supriya’s former boyfriend Farooque is a Special Forces officer who is assigned to nab the culprits of the scam. Complications arise at Sheel’s home front as well, when her husband Yash begins to drift away from her. Moreover, it is revealed that they gave their son Archit away to Yash’s elder brother and his wife, and Sheel still is unable to process the cruel truth.

After overcoming numerous hurdles, Sheel manages to get the crypto key and eliminate everyone in her way. Sheel then teams up with Prashant, his lover Shankar, and Jawahar’s twin brother Mohandas to murder Neelam before she tells everything to the police. Neelam dies, and things go back to normal, but to Sheel’s utter disbelief, she discovers that it was Prashant who ordered Supriya’s murder, and was lying to mislead her from the beginning.

The potential second season shall pick up from this explosive revelation, and depict Sheel’s next plan of action to bring down Prashant. With him being in a powerful position now, it will be interesting to see how she gets back at him. On top of that, Sheel’s troubled equation with Yash shall be explored further. More story arcs that can be expanded upon are Mohandas returning to outwit Prashant, Sheel’s family getting to know the truth of her actions, Farooque rejoining the case and hunting her, as well as new enemies and allies who will turn Sheel’s life upside down.

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