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How much is Malia Obama worth? $300,000

How did Malia Obama earn her money and wealth?

Malia Obama was born on 4 July 1998 at the University of Chicago Medical Center to former US President Barack Obama and his wife Michelle. She has a younger sister named Natasha Obama, also known as Sasha. The life of Malia completely changed after her father became the president of the US and the two sisters were also elevated to the status of ‘First Daughters.’ She went to Sidwell Freinds School located in Washington DC, where she participated in school soccer, dance as well as drama. Malia graduated in the year 2016 and spent her summer days working in the US Embassy in Madrid as an intern. Later on, she earned an internship with the Harvey Weinstein, a famous Hollywood producer in early 2017. Reportedly, she plans on attending the Harvard University in the near future.

Malia Obama initially started coming into the limelight when her father Barack Obama was elected as the 44th President of the US on 20 January 2009. Ass Malia was a young member of the ‘First Family,’ she got a lot of attention along with Natasha who became to the youngest kid to live in the White House since John Kennedy in the year 1961. Both of the siblings instantly became the darlings of the citizens who were curious to get any information they could about the two daughters of the president.

As a father, Barack Obama was concerned about the ill effects the publicity could have on his daughters and so, he decided to protect them from the public eye. Under the shield of their parents, both the girls were carefully guarded against any sort of unnecessary publicity so that they could live a normal life just like the other girls of their age. However, despite their busy schedule, her parents tried their best to keep them safe from too much of media attention; it has not stopped the public or media from trying to get to know as much as possible about both the girls.

Malia is just like any other teenage girl who likes to enjoy and fun with her friends. But yet again, Malia tries to be more restrained in the way she approaches things because of the constant media attention surrounding her. Even if she tries to do some normal teen thing like attending parties, it becomes a big topic of controversy and an issue of national scrutiny.

Malia gained attention when a controversial video of her performing and enjoying a music festival in Chicago went viral. Moreover, the 19-year-old also came under the public radar when she was spotted in a Soho nightclub called The Parlor which only allows 21-year-olds and above.

What are the highest grossing earnings of Malia Obama?

—(She plans on studying further, no other info available)

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