Marc Anthony Net Worth

How much is Marc Anthony worth? $80 Million

How did Marc Anthony earn his money and wealth?

Marc Anthony, Marco Antonio Muniz, was born 16 September 1968 in New York, the US to Felipe Muniz and Guillermina. He grew up in the Spanish Harlem and El Barrio along with his 7 siblings. His parents named him after the famous Mexican singer Marco Antonio Muniz. He started to sing at a very young age and soon realized that he needs to work hard to have his stage presence felt in order to become famous.

Marc Anthony is not only an American singer but is also an actor, television producer, and record producer. He began his singing career by becoming a vocalist for freestyle as well as Underground New York house music. In the year 1988, he released his own album called ‘Rebel.’ Around the same time, Marc wrote as well as produced his album called ‘Boy I’ve Been Told.’ In theyear1990, Marc was offered an opportunity by the producers of ‘With or Without You’ and he penned down lyrics and also sang ‘You Should Know By Now’ along with Chrissy I-eece.

In the year1992, Marc collaborated with producer Little Louie Vega and released freestyle hits such as ‘Ride On The Rhythm’ as well as ‘When The Night Is Over’. He later eventually changed his style to salsa. He released his Spanish debut album called ‘Otra Nota’ in the year 1993. In the same year, he accepted the offer from ‘RMM Records’ which helped him establish as a new star in Salsa. Marc released another Salsa album called ‘Todo ASU Tiempo’ in 1995 which did well and was announced gold in the US as well as Puerto Rico. Around this time, Marc began with his acting career by working in supporting roles in films such as ‘Bight Night,’ ‘Hackers,’ etc.

In the year 1999, he released his third album called ‘Contra La Corriente’ which was the first salsa album to have ranked in the Billboard 200 chart. In the year 2001, Marc released another Spanish album called ‘Libre’ in the year 2001 which again was a hit in the Billboard Top Latin Albums. He then released his Latin pop music album called ‘Amar Sin Mentiras’ in the year 2004. He released other greatest Latin hits during the 2000s such as ‘Sigo Siendo Yo’ in 2006 and ‘Iconos’ in 2010. He even acted in the film ‘El Cantante’ in the year 2007.

In the year 2011, Marc appeared in a Latin talent series known as ‘Q’Viva! The Chosen’ as a judge along with his ex-wife Jennifer Lopez and Jamie King. Later in 2013, he released his salsa album called ‘3.0’ which was announced platinum. He was a tour ‘Marc Anthony Live’ in September 2016 which included 5 shows at Radio City Music Hall.

What are the highest grossing songs of Marc Anthony?

  1. You Sang To Me (2000): Peaked at #2
  2. I Need To Know (1999): Peaked at #3
  3. Rain Over ME (2011): Peaked at #30
  4. My Baby You (2000): Peaked at #70
  5. I’ve Got You (2002): Peaked at #81

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