When Does Marcella Season 3 Come Out?

Marcella Season 3

‘Marcella’ is a British Nordic-noir detective series that follows the complicated life of a former detective Marcella Backland, as she returns to work at the London Metropolitan Police upon learning that a serial killer responsible for the Grove Park murders has resurfaced after staying dormant for 11 years. On a personal front, she is devastated as her husband leaves her for another woman.

The crime drama has been lauded for its gripping narrative, multi-layered characters, engrossing subplots, and shocking twists. Created by Swedish screenwriter Hans Rosenfeldt, the show has spawned two successful seasons. It was renewed for a third season in 2018, and since then, fans have been wondering: When will ‘Marcella’ season 3 release? Well, we have got some good news for you.

Marcella Season 3 Release Date

‘Marcella’ Season 3 will release in its entirety on June 14, 2020, at 3:01 am on Netflix. It will consist of eight episodes with a runtime of 45-55 minutes each.

However, fans in the United Kingdom will have to wait for a while for the third season to drop on ITV. Anna Friel, who plays the titular character, took to Twitter to announce that the show’s U.K. release has been pushed back and it is now set to release in September 2020.

Marcella Season 3 Cast: Who is in it?

The network has confirmed the main cast for season 3. Anna Friel is all set to return as the troubled detective Marcella. Ray Panthaki will be joining her as Detective Inspector Rav Sangha. Hugo Speer (‘The Musketeers’) will reprise his role as Marcella’s undercover handler, Frank Young. The other returning cast members include Sophia Brown as DC LeAnn Hunter, Jamie Bamber as DCI Tim Williamson, and Nicholas Pinnock as Jason Backland.

The new additions in the third season comprise Amanda Burton (‘Waterloo Road’) as the matriarch of Maguire family, Katherine; Aaron McCusker (‘Bohemian Rhapsody’) as Katherine’s son, Finn Maguire; Eugene O’Hare as police officer Eddie Lyons; Kelly Gough (‘The Fall’) as Katherine’s daughter, Stacey; Martin McCann (‘Death & Nightingales’) as Stacey’s husband, Bobby; Michael Colgan as Rory Maguire; Paul Kennedy as Lawrence, Marcella’s link to the Maguire family, and Glen Wallace as Matt.

Marcella Season 3 Plot: What can it be About?

In season 2, Marcella strives to track down a serial killer, while still struggling with the loss of memory and blackouts. Along with that, she gets embroiled in an ugly custody battle with her estranged husband Jason, who has already put a ring on the finger of a rehab nurse he is dating. With the help of a hypnotist, Marcella discovers that she is actually responsible for the accidental death of baby Juliette, caused by shaking her too hard.

Marcella embarks upon a guilt trip and hands Jason, the sole custody of her children. She also tries to kill herself by jumping off a building, but Rav comes in time to save her. Marcella attacks Rav with a Toilet lid, ties him up, chops her hair, inflicts a Joker-esque scar with a scissor, and disappears. Nine days later, she is spotted by Frank Young, sleeping under a bridge.

Season 3 might pick up straight from the ending of season 2. Frank will transport Marcella to Belfast, on a mission to get close to the Maguire family. We can expect her to try and find out information about the criminal dealings of Katherine Maguire, her son Finn, daughter Stacey and son-in-law Bobby. Leaving her past behind, Marcella will go undercover, donning a new identity of Keira. The third season will throw more light on Marcella’s deteriorating mental state as she investigates the criminal operations of the Maguires. Will Marcella be able to keep her true identity hidden? Or will her hunger for truth put her life in danger?

Marcella Trailer

Check out the trailer for ‘Marcella’ season 3, as you gear up for the premiere!

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