Mare of Easttown Ep 2: What to Expect?

In ‘Mare of Easttown,’ Oscar winner Kate Winslet essays the role of the titular protagonist, Mare Sheehan. In episode 1 of the miniseries, we spend a great deal of time getting to know more about the detective, who is quite a complex character, to say the least. She is the very embodiment of contradictions, and with two crimes plaguing her town, we can’t help but want to anticipate her next moves. If you’re just like us and want to know more, then fret not, since we have got your back.

Mare of Easttown Episode 2 Release Date

‘Mare of Easttown’ episode 2 is slated to release on April 25, 2021, at 10 pm ET on HBO. It is titled ‘Fathers,’ and it appears that future episodes are slated to release on a Sunday as well.

Where to Stream Mare of Easttown Episode 2 Online?

To watch ‘Mare of Easttown’ episode 2, you can simply tune into HBO on Sunday night. Additionally, you can also catch the story on HBO‘s official website. You can also find the episode on other platforms such as DirecTV, YouTubeTVAmazon Prime, and Hulu (depending on whether you have the HBO add-on or not).

Mare of Easttown Episode 2 Spoilers

In episode 2, we’re bound to get more insight into the workings of Mare Sheehan, who is clearly the one that everyone relies on in the town. Her work ethic is something we have already come across, but her personal life is rife with grief and disappointments. After all, in episode 1, we see the ghost of her son, Kevin, who took his own life. This is one narrative thread that will likely be pulled upon in the upcoming episode.

But getting to the more obvious stuff, the murder investigation of Erin McMenamin is going to take center stage. The whodunnit element will really kick in from episode 2 onwards, and we expect that the disappearance of Katie Bailey has some connection to this case. Mare will have to work hard to figure out who wants to disrupt peace in their small town while also battling her own inner demons.

Given that the episode is titled ‘Fathers,’ it is safe to presume that it will heavily feature Erin’s verbally abusive father and her ex-boyfriend, who himself has fathered a child with her. The effects of the murder on the small and tight-knit community will also be felt. In fact, we suspect that Brianna might come under suspicion sometime soon as well. She was one of the last people to have seen Erin and even hit her due to feelings of rage and jealousy. This would also give Brianna motive.

Last but not least, we also feel as though the “suspicious” man for episode 1 will make a comeback soon. The elderly neighbors have already raised the alarm bells regarding this persona, and Mare even sees his shadowy figure once. However, we still don’t really know anything about him. It could be the case that episode 2 seeks to shed some light on this evidently clandestine villain.

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