Mare of Easttown Episode 5: What to Expect?

A riveting mix of murder and personal struggles, ‘Mare of Easttown’ is a crime drama like no other. Not only does it have a stellar ensemble cast that includes the likes of Kate Winslet, Evan Peters, Julianne Nicholson, Jean Smart, and Guy Pearce, but the convoluted mystery of disappearing girls in the small town also keeps you on your toes. As such, one can’t get enough of the show either. If you’re wondering what to expect from the upcoming episode, then we have got your back.

Mare of Easttown Episode 5 Release Date

‘Mare of Easttown’ episode 5 is slated to release on May 16, 2021, at 10 pm ET on HBO. For your reference, the remaining episodes will also release on a Sunday.

Where to Stream Mare of Easttown Episode 5?

To watch ‘Mare of Easttown’ episode 5, you can simply tune into HBO on Sunday night. Additionally, you can also catch the story on HBO‘s official website. The show is also available on HBO Max. You can also find the episode on other platforms such as DirecTVYouTubeTVAmazon Prime, and Hulu (depending on whether you have the HBO add-on or not).

Mare of Easttown Episode 5 Spoilers

One thing that all of us have been wondering is whether Katie is still alive or if she was killed around the time of her disappearance. Well, episode 4 clears things up for us and lets us know that Dawn’s daughter is, indeed, alive. She is being kept in the basement of Bennie’s Tavern, along with the culprit’s newest victim, Missy Sayers. In episode 5, we may just learn more about the motivations of the kidnapper and why he is spreading havoc in the quaint Easttown.

Apart from that, you can expect Mare to keep working from the sidelines with Colin, as she has been suspended for planting heroin in Carrie’s car. In episode 4, they are able to ascertain that Erin planned to dabble in prostitution, giving them their first common thread between all the cases. So in episode 5, it is likely that the pair will continue to walk this line of investigation and try to determine what else Erin’s murder and Katie and Missy’s abductions have in common.

We may also find out more about the sexual assault allegations against Deacon Mark Burton and what Mare’s cousin, Father Dan Hastings, knows about the matter. Also, Mare may finally understand the significance of the locket, which has “5-29-17” etched on it. Dylan may continue to struggle with his duty as a parent, especially since he is not DJ’s real father. On the personal front, Mare will continue therapy, and we may learn some more explosive truths about her relationship with Kevin, and by extension, Carrie.

Since Siobhan now has a new girlfriend, Becca is likely going to be pushed out of the equation. How this young love blossoms may offer some respite from the dark currents of the murder mystery. Speaking of romance, Mare has two suitors in Richard and Colin, and it seems highly probable that this quasi-love triangle will get more complicated. Richard and Mare may go on that date, but where does that leave Colin? Episode 5 has its job cut out.

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