Will There be a Marriage Boot Camp Season 18?

‘Marriage Boot Camp’ is WE tv’s reality television series that originally dropped in May 2013. As the name suggests, the show features a bunch of couples (usually celebrities), housed inside a boot camp, to solve their marital issues. Here, they are guided by a team of counselors who help them in facing their problems and reaching a decision.

‘Marriage Boot Camp’ has multiple segments — ‘Family Edition’, ‘Reality Stars Edition’ and ‘Hip Hop Edition’. The 17th season, which happens to be the third iteration from the hip hop category, dropped in July 2020. With WE tv releasing new seasons within short time spans, fans are curious to know when the next outing will land on tv screens. Let’s delve straight into answering this question.

Marriage Boot Camp Season 18 Release Date:

‘Marriage Boot Camp’ season 17 (also called ‘Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars’ Season 15 aka ‘Marriage Boot Camp: Hip Hop Edition’ season 3) premiered on July 2, 2020, on WE tv. It ended with its 10th episode on September 3, 2020. The show has spawned 17 seasons within a mere span of seven years. And this is proof enough of its continued popularity. Therefore, without any doubt, news of an 18th iteration should reach us soon. If WE tv gives it a go-ahead soon, we can expect ‘Marriage Boot Camp’ season 18 to premiere sometime in early 2021.

Marriage Boot Camp Season 18 Cast: Who Can be in it?

Each season of ‘Marriage Boot Camp’ features a team of counselors, who guide a batch of couples, struggling through marital issues. The hosts and experts for the past two seasons have been Dr. Ish Major and Judge Lynn Toler. We expect the duo to return for the 18th season as well.

In season 17, we meet five couples, who are renowned hip hop artists. They are Tahiry Jose and Vado, Willie Taylor and Shanda Denyce, Kurupt and Toni Calvert, Phaedra Parks and Medina Islam, Hazel E. and De’Von Walker. Season 18 will feature a fresh batch of husband-wife pairs, all from the flashy world of reality tv.

What Can Marriage Boot Camp Season 18 be About?

‘Marriage Boot Camp’ throws the limelight on a group of couples who are kept together in a house for around 10 days. Their ultimate goal is to save their marital bonds. The counselors in the boot camp subject the stars to a number of exercises to see if their marriages are worth saving. Toward the end, the couples decide if they should separate or stay in their relationships. The format for the upcoming season will definitely stay the same. But what makes the show interesting are the changing dynamics and dramatic altercations that witness fresh twists in every new rendition!

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