Martha Stewart Net Worth

What is Martha Stewart’s net worth? $640 Million Dollars

How did Martha Stewart earn her money and wealth?

A renowned businesswoman, former fashionista, writer and television personality, the 76-year-old Martha Stewart was born in the year 1941 on 3rd August in New Jersey, United States. With her organization, Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia, the best-selling writer has acquired huge success via business, publishing, merchandising, e-commerce, broadcasting, and many other fields. Martha was pursuing her graduation at Barnard College in European and architectural history when she came across her future husband Andy Stewart who was a law student at Yale. They got married in the year 1961 after which Martha dedicated some years to raising her daughter, Alexis. Later on, she took the job on Wall Street as a stockbroker in the year 1967.

The family then moved to Connecticut in 1972, where Stewart along with her husband restored the farmhouse from the 19th century. During the late 1970s, she started the business of catering which was loved by numerous elite clients and celebrities as well. With the beginning of the 1980s, Martha made her business available globally while publishing her very first publication in 1983 named “Entertaining”. After its immense success, the book was followed by numerous others with cooking and entertainment as the genre. By the year 1991, Stewart had started her very own magazine named “Martha Stewart Living” which eventually turned into Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia in September 1997 with additional ventures such as merchandising and media. She was assisted by business partner Sharon Patrick in securing funds to realize the consolidation of her company. Patrick later became Chief Operations Officer while Stewart serviced the new company as chairman, president, and CEO. 

October 19, 1999 saw Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia going public on the New York Stock Exchange and with this trading, Martha Stewart emerged as the first female, self-made billionaire in the US. She also faced a setback as she was convicted in the ImClone stock trading case of being an accomplice to a trading scandal being operated by a drug company in the year 2004. She served around five months inside the prison. Post-release from prison, Martha dedicated her entire time to her show.

Stewart has authored numerous books and has also penned a slew of magazine articles and news columns. Her most popular works include Martha Stewart’s Quick Cook (1983), Martha Stewart’s Hors D’oeuvres (1984), Martha Stewart’s Pies & Tarts (1985), Weddings (1987), and The Wedding Planner (1988). She has a host of television credits to her name, some of which include The Oprah Winfrey Show and Larry King Live.

Martha has been awarded numerous Daytime Emmy awards which were a result of the huge success acquired by the famous TV show named “Martha Stewart Living”. She won numerous awards as an Outstanding Service Show Host starting from the year 1995, 1997, 2002, and 2011. She is also a part of the famous New Jersey Hall of Fame.
Currently, she is working with her very own line for packaged food as well as home-delivered meals named as Marley Spoon. 

What are the highest-grossing years of Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia Incorporated?

1-MSLO (2010): Revenue-$230.813 million
2-MSLO (2011): Revenue-$221.433 million
3-MSLO (2012): Revenue-$197.627 million
4-MSLO (2013): Revenue-$160.675 million
5-MSLO (2014): Revenue-$141.916 million

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