Martin Lawrence Net Worth

How much is Martin Lawrence worth? $110 Million

How did Martin Lawrence earn his money and wealth?

Martin Fitzgerald Lawrence was born at Frankfurt in West Germany to mother Chlora in the year 1965. He is an actor, stand-up comedian as well as a writer who earned fame as a Hollywood actor in the era of the 90s. His most notable sitcom is the TV series named “Martin” which was followed by movies such as “Boomerang”, “House Party”, “Bad Boys”, “Nothing to Lose”, “Wild Hogs”, “Blue Streak”, “A Thin Line Between Love & Hate”, and “Big Momma’s House”.

His comedy genre comprises of satire, physical comedy, blue comedy as well as an observational comedy which is derived from subjects such as African-American culture, Human Sexuality, Race relations, Racism, and self-depreciation. Lawrence wanted to pursue boxing as a career but an injury with broken eye forced him to reconsider his destiny which led him to a comedy club named “the Improv” which was located at New York City. After he appeared at the comedy club, he bagged a spot performance for Star Search where he reached the finals. However, Martin didn’t win the same. Destiny had something else planned for Martin which got him a role as “Maurice” in the show “What’s Happening Now” when he was spotted by the executives working at Columbia Pictures Television. This was Martin’s very first acting gig.

After the show was canceled, Martin went on to act in small roles for various films as well as television series. His major role includes the one as “Cee” in the movie “Do the Right Thing”. He went on to act in various other movies which include “Talkin’ Dirty After Dark”, “Boomerang”, and so on. Soon enough, Russell Simmons, who was an entertainment king, selected Martin as the host for a series named “Def Comedy Jam” that aired on HBO.

This particular show is responsible for giving birth to many renowned comedians such as Chris Tucker, Mike Epps, Dave Chappelle, Bernie Mac, along with Cedric the Entertainer.

In the BET Awards for the year 2009, Lawrence appeared along with actor Jamie Foxx in a movie trailer that was a spoof and fictional one. The spoof was named “The Skank Robbers” where they portrayed the role of Ugly Wanda and Sheneneh Jenkins. Fox was so impressed with the spoof that it announced the release of a movie based on the same sketch that would feature renowned actress “Halle Berry” along with Foxx and Lawrence. In the year 2014, during a chat at the talk show Conan, Martin confirmed that the writing part for Bad Boy 3 is almost complete and the next part would begin soon which includes pre-production with casting and other necessities.

What are the highest grossing movies of Martin Lawrence?

1-Wild Hogs (2007): $168.27 million

2-Bad Boys II (2003): $138,608,444 million

3-Open Season (2006): $85.11 million

4-Blue Streak (1999): $68.52 million

5-Bad Boys (1995): $65.81 million

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