Marvel’s Hit-Monkey Season 2: Renewed or Cancelled?

Hulu’s adult animated series ‘Marvel’s Hit-Monkey’ follows Monkey, a Japanese snow monkey, who sets out on a revenge mission to eliminate the people who killed his tribe. Monkey is joined by the ghost of Bryce, an assassin who joins the former’s tribe before they get killed by his enemies. After his death, Bryce becomes Monkey’s omnipresent companion and helps him become the titular Hit-Monkey by training and assisting him in finishing off those who harmed the tribe.

Created by Will Speck and Josh Gordon, the series progresses through Monkey and Bryce’s expedition that also leads them to reflect on their own nature. The show is based on the eponymous Marvel Comics character. Upon its premiere in November 2021, the show garnered favorable reviews from the critics, receiving praises for its binge-worthy narrative, originality, and style. After a spectacular first season, you must be wondering about the prospects of a sophomore round. So, here’s everything we know about ‘Marvel’s Hit-Monkey’ season 2!

Marvel’s Hit-Monkey Season 2 Release Date

‘Marvel’s Hit-Monkey’ season 1 landed in its entirety on November 17, 2021, on Hulu. The first season comprises ten episodes with a runtime of 22–27 minutes each.

As far as the second season is concerned, here’s what we know. Neither Hulu nor Marvel Studios has made an official announcement regarding the future of the series. However, creators Will Speck and Josh Gordon have explicitly expressed their wish to carry the show beyond its first season. In a November 2021 interview given prior to the series premiere, Speck and Gordon revealed that they have already planned out the second and third seasons in detail.

Even though the creator-duo didn’t forget to clarify that there are no formal commitments at the streamer or the studio’s end, the characters and the storyline do have a continuation after the first season. So, if Hulu and Marvel are satisfied with the viewership and the show’s overall performance, we can hope for another installment.

Since the creators already have the future story arc planned, it should not take long for the series to return to the screens, provided it is picked up for another round. Therefore, if the animated series is given the green light soon, we can expect ‘Marvel’s Hit-Monkey’ season 2 to release sometime in Q1 2023.

Marvel’s Hit-Monkey Season 2 Voice Cast: Who can be in it?

If renewed, we can expect the voice-cast to remain the same for the second season. This means we may hear the voices of Fred Tatasciore and Jason Sudeikis as the protagonist Hit-Monkey and Monkey’s mentor Bryce, respectively. We could also expect Olivia Munn (Akiko), Ally Maki (Haruka), and Nobi Nakanishi (Ito) to return. It is likely that George Takei will continue to lend his voice to Shinji Yokohama as well.

Marvel’s Hit-Monkey Season 2 Plot: What can it be About?

The first season begins with Bryce’s arrival in Tokyo for the assassination of a Prime Minister candidate. On the job, Bryce gets hurt and ends up in the mountains to get treated by the monkey tribe. But Bryce’s enemies track him down and kill him along with the entire tribe, except Monkey, who survives the catastrophe. After that, Bryce’s ghost begins visiting Monkey and starts training him to exact revenge against the people who wronged him. As Hit-Monkey continues his rampage, he encounters Lady Bullseye, who takes things to a whole new level. But with the help of Bryce, Hit-Monkey tries to finish what he started.

If renewed, the show’s second season is expected to put the spotlight on Lady Bullseye. As her ego is hurt by Hit-Monkey, we can expect the supervillainess to unravel her complete strength in the future season. In the November 2021 interview, the series creators confirmed that if the show is greenlit for a second installment, there will be a lot to explore with regard to Bullseye’s character. However, we can expect Bryce to continue mentoring Hit-Monkey, who may start to comprehend the nuances of the crime syndicates even better. If the creators follow the elements of the original comics, we may see Hit-Monkey finishing off the assassins in style in the potential season 2.

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