Where Are Matt Barnett and Amber Pike From ‘Love is Blind’ Now?

‘Love is Blind’ landed on Netflix on February 13, 2020, just on the eve of Valentine’s Day 2020 — bringing in the much-needed romance on the small screen. Fans might already know about its concept. A bunch of singles get to know one another only through conversations in self-contained pods. However, they never see each other. Only when the men propose to the women, do they have the first glance. And after that, the couples decide if they wish to take the relationship forward or not.

Among all the contestants featured in the inaugural season, one of the couples that managed to get fans talking quite a lot are Matt Barnett and Amber Pike. Well, don’t you think it’s time to get to know them better? Well, read on and get some more insights into these two interesting individuals and whether they are still together.

Where is Matt Barnett now?

27-year-old Matt Barnett is an engineer and a native of Canton, Georgia. The all-rounder, good-looking hunk is extremely athletic and appears to be that man who manages women to go all gaga over him. When he lands in the show, he expresses his desire to find his true love. But he gets entangled in a love triangle between Jessica and Amber. However, he finally choose and proposes to the latter and they go on a romantic vacay to Mexico.

In one of the episodes, he explains his feelings about Amber, saying: “I feel like we’ve known each other for at least a couple of years, we’re just comfortable around each other. I hope we do make it to the fifty year mark, have anniversaries… I mean that’s the goal of marriage, isn’t it?” Well, it seems he is really into Amber. But are they still together?

Well, if you just go by the photos, Barnett’s Instagram profile show him enjoying his life full-on without Amber. Though, he might be hiding his relationship with Amber to the outside world because of contractual obligations with the show. In case you are interested you can follow him on Instagram here.

Where is Amber Pike now?

The gorgeous 26-year-old Amber Pike is a former tank mechanic and had even served in the Georgia Army Guard. She also claimed the first position in the Hooters bikini contest 2017.

As per recent posts, she has gone all blonde now. But what is her status with Barnett? Well, as far as appearances are concerned, the two did get off on a good start but currently Amber’s Instagram handle is packed with pictures of her shoots and trips but do we don’t see any image of her with Barnett. The two do have photos of visiting Rome (individually) but the posts are from two different years.

Reality shows are quite tight-lipped regarding spoilers and so are the participants. But our best guess is that Matt and Amber do end up together because of the fact that they get along like house on fire. It’s difficult to imagine them saying no to each other.

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