Mayor of Kingstown Episode 5 Release Date, Time, and Spoilers

Things are beginning to get chaotic as Mike deals with unreasonable demands from the city’s gang leaders. Episode 4 sees the hot-tempered power broker make contact with multiple crime bosses and put them in their place. However, tensions continue to rise, and the upcoming episode is going to be an intriguing one that might see some shifts in power. Curious about ‘Mayor of Kingstown’ episode 5? Here’s everything we know about it!

Mayor of Kingstown Episode 5 Release Date

‘Mayor of Kingstown’ episode 5 is set to premiere on December 5, 2021, at 3 am ET on Paramount+. The first two episodes premiered simultaneously on November 14, 2021, on the streaming platform. All-new episodes of the gritty crime-drama series release every Sunday.

Where To Stream Mayor of Kingstown Episode 5 Online?

‘Mayor of Kingstown’ episode 5 will be available exclusively on Paramount+. All-new episodes, as well as previously released episodes, are available on the streaming service.

Mayor of Kingstown Episode 5 Spoilers

Episode 5 is titled ‘Orion’ and will likely explore the aftermath of Kyle and Ian’s shootout at the pizzeria. Mike will probably have to step in and help his younger brother, which could turn into a complicated matter. We can also expect tensions between the prison guards and incarcerated gang members to continue, and things might come to a head if the former keep mistreating the latter.

Lastly, it seems like Bunny will ask Mike for a personal favor, and, depending on the latter’s reaction, it will be interesting to see which way their tenuous friendship goes. This is also not the last that we’ve seen of Iris, and we can expect her to make another enigmatic appearance in the upcoming episode.

Mayor of Kingstown Episode 4 Recap

Episode 4, titled ‘The Price,’ opens with Mike being overrun by demands from the gang leaders in return for their favor. He first makes peace with Bunny, who wants to send another batch of drug paraphernalia to his gang in prison. Mike firmly insists that the guards being lax during their searches is the best he can offer. Bunny grudgingly accepts, but the stressed-out power broker is forced to send stronger signals to other gang leaders who insist on getting favors from the guards.

Eventually, Mike tells his prison guard friend, Ed, to crack down on gang members hard. With this, he hopes to remind the criminals about who’s actually in charge and put them in their place. Though it works for a while, Bunny then informs Mike that the situation could get out of hand if the convicts are pushed too far and revolt. The guards, however, continue to treat their charges with a heavy hand.

Meanwhile, Iris finally meets with Mike, telling him that her boss (Milo) has sent her as a peace offering. To this, the McLusky brother laughs and tells the young girl that she is too soft to survive in Kingstown. The episode then closes with Kyle and Ian involved in a shootout that goes very wrong and almost gets them killed.

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