Mayor of Kingstown Episode 7 Release Date, Time, and Spoilers

Tensions continue to rise in episode 6, with a brawl erupting in prison, and Mike’s life is thrown further into chaos because of it. Iris also gets an unfortunate taste of Kingstown, which might turn out to have widespread repercussions and get Mike personally involved. Excited about what comes next? We sure are! Here’s everything we know about ‘Mayor of Kingstown’ episode 7.

Mayor of Kingstown Episode 7 Release Date

‘Mayor of Kingstown’ episode 7 is set to premiere on December 19, 2021, at 3 am ET on Paramount+. The first two episodes premiered simultaneously on November 14, 2021, on the streaming platform. All-new episodes of the gritty crime-drama series release every Sunday.

Where To Stream Mayor of Kingstown Episode 7 Online?

‘Mayor of Kingstown’ episode 7 will be available exclusively on Paramount+. All-new episodes, as well as previously released episodes, are available on the streaming service.

Mayor of Kingstown Episode 7 Spoilers

Episode 7 is going to see Mike searching for Iris before she is murdered by Milo’s men. After her brutal kidnapping and the ominous message written with blood on Mike’s office wall, it is clear Iris is in grave danger. Since he seems to feel protective of her, we can expect the “Mayor” to mobilize his considerable contacts with the police (and possibly with the underworld) to track the young girl down. This hunt for Iris promises to make the upcoming episode an exciting one.

Meanwhile, Kyle continues to feel pressured by his mother and might consider leaving Kingstown so that he can stop risking his life for Mike. Episode 7 will likely see him grappling with the dilemma while also probably helping his elder brother search for Iris. Considering two federal agents have been killed in Mike’s office by Milo, we can expect the case to become a high-profile one. It will be interesting to see how the obstinate powerbroker deals with senior FBI officials who might or might not know about his powerful and nuanced position.

Mayor of Kingstown Episode 6 Recap

Episode 6, titled ‘Every Feather,’ finds Mike threatened by multiple gang leaders. Due to the heavy-handedness of the prison guards, exacerbated by a sudden prison lockdown, the criminal bosses threaten to bring the violence out on the streets. Even Bunny is furious and warns Mike that his gang will not remain peaceful for much longer.

Meanwhile, Milo decides to use a different approach and orders Josef to assault Iris to see if Mike will come to her rescue. When she arrives battered and bruised to his office, the McLusky brother reacts as expected and beats up Joseph. However, it is then revealed that Milo has implanted a tracking device in Iris’ abdomen, and Mike arrives back to his office to find her kidnapped and the two FBI agents questioning her dead.

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