Mayor of Kingstown Episode 9 Release Date, Time, and Spoilers

‘Mayor of Kingstown’ episode 8 takes us deeper into the seedy underbelly of the titular town and sees Iris at her lowest. Abused and forced full of drugs, she is sold by Duke to some local gangsters, who then get shot in a gang war. Eventually, she falls into the hands of Bunny, who informs Mike and delivers Iris to him, traumatized but safe. Furious, Mike then drives straight back to Duke’s house and shoots the gang leader point-blank. The rest of the gang members in the house are also mowed down by the rampaging powerbroker, who then drives out of Kingstown with Iris.

Meanwhile, the “metal case” that Milo instructs Mike to find is finally excavated and turns out to be a bus full of dismembered corpses. With no way to tie Milo directly to the 26 murdered victims found inside the bus, Mike finds himself uncomfortably close to being connected to the gruesome discovery. Violent threats to Milo’s lawyer also don’t lead to any helpful information, and Mike is warned that he is being taken for a ride. How the stone-cold powerbroker solves this gruesome affair remains to be seen, and if you can’t wait for the upcoming episode, then you’re in the right place! Here’s everything we know about the upcoming ‘Mayor of Kingstown’ episode 9.

Mayor of Kingstown Episode 9 Release Date

‘Mayor of Kingstown’ episode 9 is set to premiere on January 2, 2021, at 3 am ET on Paramount+. The first two episodes premiered simultaneously on November 14, 2021, on the streaming platform. All-new episodes of the gritty crime-drama series release every Sunday.

Where To Stream Mayor of Kingstown Episode 9 Online?

‘Mayor of Kingstown’ episode 9 will be available exclusively on Paramount+. All-new episodes, as well as previously released episodes, are available on the streaming service.

Mayor of Kingstown Episode 9 Spoilers

Episode 9 is titled ‘The Lie of the Truth’ and will continue investigating the 26 decaying murder victims found in the school bus. Mike will have to wrangle information out of the scheming Milo to try and figure out how the incarcerated criminal is connected to the bodies. Until Mike can pin the blame for the bodies on Milo, the powerbroker himself remains seemingly embroiled in the whole affair. Combined with the multiple gang members Mike shoots in episode 8, the “Mayor” might be looking at a very uncomfortable police investigation into his affairs.

Hopefully, Iris’ brutal journey will soften in the upcoming episode, considering she is now under Mike’s protection. He seems to have taken her to his house in the wilderness, and we might get to know more about Iris’ past as she opens up to Mike. However, trouble seems to perpetually lurk close to the young girl, and Iris’ story might have some more violent moments ahead.

Finally, with Sam being stabbed by a female inmate and a male guard stabbed in the men’s prison, tensions at both facilities will probably reach boiling point in episode 9. Things will be further complicated since the inmate justifies stabbing him by accusing Sam of raping her. This will anger the guards and widen the rift between them and the inmates even further.

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