mcSquares on Shark Tank: Everything We Know

ABC’s ‘Shark Tank’ has been able to create a new wave of business entrepreneurs who seek the reality TV show platform to boost their business. While getting the deal in itself can be a cause for celebration, advertising your product on television is still a big win. We have seen numerous businesses that may not have bagged a deal with the panelists but would have nonetheless created traction for their business through their ‘Shark Tank’ appearance. This is the kind of influence the show has had since its inception. Through entertainment, it has become part of the business industry. 

In Shark Tank season 11 episode 23, we are introduced to four companies. One of them is mcSquares. Here’s everything you should know about the company and its products.

mcSquares: Who Are They?

Anthony Franco created mcSquares as a replacement for sticky notes and paper pads. That’s right; his idea comes from wanting to eliminate an elaborate set of paraphernalia one may need to use to get through meetings or anything else for that matter with unnecessary and wasteful papers and pens. McSquares are basically something akin to a whiteboard in various capacities. One can use it to jot down pointers and then erase the notes after use. The product is reusable and has a magnetic chip or a static cling that helps it stick on to surfaces and even keep them on a table for regular use.

Franco’s other motivation is to be eco-friendly without having to compromise. He founded the products with several campaigns raising more than $65, 5000 since 2017. The company also plants a tree for every pack of stickies they sell. This is then used to benefit poor farm dependent families in Africa. Anthony also has quite the accolade of awards in double digits in sectors such as technology, design, innovation, etc.

McSquares: What Do They Do?

The company offers several products such as stickies, bundles, rolling easels, surfaces, tablets, and other stationery items. Each product can be used for various purposes. For instance, the tablets loaded on to the easel can be used in presentations, whereas a tablet can be used by children to note down points. Thus, the whiteboard surfaces that are erasable are note-making boards and trackers.

The company’s business has seen a significant boost since people have taken to working from home, along with children now doing much of their learning from home. The company’s website gives an elaborate list of its products, its various uses, and details to the pinch. The company also offers products based on what one is specifically looking for. For instance, if you are in need of something that will better help you work from home, the website offers products just designed for that end.

Their social media pages like Instagram and Twitter too work on promoting their products. They have also posted their excitement regarding their appearance on ‘Shark Tank’ on all of the company’s social media pages, including their website. Their vast array of tools is a new age, eco-friendly manner to embrace note-making and detailing. (Feature Image Credit:

Check out their product video below:

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