Meikyuu Black Company Episode 5: What to Expect?

Developed from a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Youhei Yasumura, ‘Meikyuu Black Company’ or ‘The Dungeon of Black Company’ is an unconventional isekai fantasy TV anime. It revolves around Kinji Ninomiya, a self-described NEET who has amassed a great fortune without working a single day in his life. As he gloats about his success, a portal opens under his legs and transports him to an alternate universe, where Kinji is forced to work as a miner for the brutal Raiza‘ha Corporation. The anime formally premiered on July 9, 2021. Here is everything you need to know about its upcoming episode.

Meikyuu Black Company Episode 5 Release Date

‘Meikyuu Black Company’ episode 5, titled ‘Transfer,’ is set to release on August 6, 2021, in Japan. It will be available at various times on Tokyo MX, TV Aichi, ABC, AT-X, and BS-NTV. Studio Silver Link produced the series, with Mirai Minato helming the directorial team and Hitomi Mieno (also known as Deko Akao) leading the writing staff. Yuuki Sawairi handled the character designs, while Taku Inoue created the music. HOWL BE QUIET sang the opening theme track “Shimi,” and Humbreaders sang the ending theme track “World is Mine.”

Where to Stream Meikyuu Black Company Season 1 Online?

Viewers in North and South America and the British Isles can watch the episodes with original Japanese audio and English, Spanish, and Portuguese subtitles on Funimation. Wakanim is streaming the English-subtitled version of the anime for its audience in Scandinavia. French, German, and Russian subtitled versions are also available on the platform. In certain parts of Asia, the anime is available on Bilibili.

Meikyuu Black Company Episode 5 Spoilers

In episode 4, Kinji is ambushed by one of the people he owes money to. She warns him that she will kill him unless he hands over 5 million gold in one month. Meanwhile, Shia recalls her father, whose carefree, adventurous lifestyle caused much misery in the lives of her and her mother. She has grown up deciding to be the opposite of her father. This explains why she is such a devoted employee of Raiza‘ha.

The following morning, Kinji goes down to the dungeon with Shia and Wanibe. They kill several monsters, but Kinji soon discovers that the reward they will get for collecting the most precious parts of the monsters’ bodies will not even put a dent in his debt. At Raiza‘ha headquarters, the company prepares for the Death March, which causes all the mined demonite and vanquished monsters to return at once, including a Majin.

Kinji pays off his debt by setting up a Monster Farm. When the Majin appears, Shia realizes that she was placed in this part of the dungeon because her bosses knew that the monster would go after someone with high magic power. She gives a teleportation device to Kinji so he can leave the dungeon, knowing that it can only teleport one person. However, Kinji throws it at the monster, sending it to the surface.

He knows that it will return as it has locked on to Shia. So, with the help of the ants, he and Shia set up several traps. However, it’s ultimately Rimu who saves Kinji. The episode ends as Kinji falls into yet another portal that opens up under his legs. This time he has Rimu with her.

In episode 5, Kinji might find himself back in Japan. He might think that his horrible ordeal is over, but if he turns on the TV, he might discover that Rimu has come to his world with him and wreaking havoc in her dragon form.

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