Will There be a Messiah Season 2 on Netflix?

Will he convert you or con you? ‘Messiah’ is a religion-based suspense thriller created by Michael Petroni — known for ‘The Book Thief’ — for Netflix. The 21st century political thriller is directed by James McTeigue, who has helmed ‘Sense 8′ and the critically acclaimed ‘V for Vendetta.’

‘Messiah’ takes a tour along the lines of faith, politics and religion. In Middle East, a man mysteriously appears out of nowhere, and soon a horde of followers start flocking around him, referring to him as the ‘Messiah.’ In the age of social media, the show tracks the footprints of the man in order to discover his inexplicable identity. The question arises: Is he an angel of God or a conman trying to disrupt the political affairs between national governments?

Referring to the controversy surrounding its subject matter, showrunner Michael Petroni said, “It was such an audacious concept, you know? You read the pilot, this guy is going to march 2,000 Palestinian Syrians across the border of Israel. It’s not like I’m welcoming backlash. We expect that there’s going to be a lot of noise around the show, and a lot of debate. I’m hoping for debate.”

Talking about the backlash it’s receiving from people who are calling an evil and anti-Islamic propaganda, Petroni added, “Setting the action at such a sacred location as Temple Mount was necessary because it is a nexus of religion where Christianity, Islam and Judaism all converge. Obviously historically they don’t meet up happily. But that is where they all meet up. And so to me as a location to a story that’s about politics and religion, it was so symbolic.”

The first season of ‘Messiah’ received mediocre reviews, which puts the future of the show in jeopardy. Though, the show has been well received by audiences. Does that mean, we get to see a ‘Messiah’ season 2? Let’s find out.

Messiah Season 2 Release Date: When Will it Premiere?

‘Messiah’ season 1 premiered on Netflix on January 1, 2020. All  the 10 episodes were released on the same day. You can watch the show on Netflix.

As far as the next season goes, Netflix hasn’t made any announcements yet. But here are the things we do know. First, even though the show ends on a pretty conclusive note, there’s still room for the show to continue. But the real question is: would Netflix want to? The show attracted some controversy and has also not been kindly received by the critics. All of which means the likelihood of another season is slim. If the show does get renewed somehow, you can expect ‘Messiah’ season 2 to release sometime in 2021.

Messiah Cast: Who is in it?

Mehdi Dehbi is a Belgian actor known for his role in ‘Mary Queen of Scots’ and ‘London Has Fallen.’ He headlines the cast of ‘Messiah’ as the enigmatic Al Massih, whose origin is a mystery. His legend begins to grow among the people as he shockingly vanishes from an Israeli interrogation cell.

Michelle Monaghan, best known for ‘True Detective’ and ‘Mission Impossible’ series, stars as CIA officer Eva Geller, who is on a quest to unmask Al-Massih. ‘Jessica Jones’ actor Wil Traval enacts Will Mathers, an Army veteran-turned-FBI agent who finds it difficult to get along with his CIA counterpart Eva Geller. ‘We’re The Millers’ star Tomer Sisley plays Avrim Dahan, a Shin Bet operative who is fighting against terrorism.

The Beach Bum‘ actor Stefania LaVie Owen is Rebecca Iguero, a troubled teen whose only desire is to who wants nothing more than to leave her sad life behind. Jane Adams of ‘Twin Peaks’ fame, plays Miriam Keneally, a CNN journalist who is hellbent on exposing the truth about al-Masih. John Ortiz, who is known for ‘Fast and Furious’ and ‘Ad Astra,’ plays Felix.

Newcomers Sayyid El Alami and Fares Landoulsi play Syrian refugees, Jibril Medina and Samir respectively. Melinda Page Hamilton, known for her work in ‘Damnation’ and ‘Devious Maids’ plays Anna Iguero, the daughter of a preacher from a ghost town in Texas. She marries a preacher and her world turns upside down when a stranger sets foot in her life.

The ensemble also includes ‘Boogie Nights’ star Philip Baker Hall as Zelman Katz, a former CIA member who is also the widowed father of Eva Geller. He often spends his time guilt tripping about his parenting skills and his life decisions. Three-time Emmy winner Beau Bridges plays Anna Iguero’s father Edmund DeGuilles, an evangelical preacher with a massive following. ‘Prison Break’ actor Barbara Eve Harris essays the character of Katherin Bailey, Eva Geller’s headstrong boss and confidante.

Theba is Danny Kirmani, Under Secretary for the Middle East, Jackson Hurst plays Jonah, Staci’s husband and Raeah’s father. Saunderson plays Keon Brooks, a student and part-time waiter who strikes up a friendship with Geller. The show features Hugo Armstrong as Ruben, Nimrod Hochenberg as Israel, Emily Kinney as Staci Kirmani, Nicole Rose Scimeca as Raeah Kirmani, Ori Pfeffer as Alon, Kenneth Miller as Larry and Assad Bouab as Qamar Maloo in recurring roles.

Messiah Plot: What is it About?

Messiah is a leader who has the power to solve the world’s problems or save the world from any evil. CIA officer Eva Geller begins her investigation in finding the true origin of Al-Masih, a man who has garnered a lot of attention globally, by committing acts of public disruption. Tension mounts in the police department, as the man continues enchanting the public by performing miracles, which leads to a tremendous increase in his follower count across the globe via social media, and also causes political unrest.

Geller races against time to solve the cloak and dagger operation. As the story proceeds, multiperspective stories are woven into the narrative, including that of an Israeli Shin Bet officer, a Texan daughter, her televangelist father, a CNN journalist, a Palestinian refugee, and many others. Is he a Messiah or is he a hoodwinker who wishes to dismantle the world’s political harmony?

Messiah Trailer

Watch the ‘Messiah’ season 1 trailer below!

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