Michael Phelps Net Worth

How much is Michael Phelps worth? $60 Million

How did Michael Phelps earn his money and wealth?

Michael Phelps is a now retired professional swimmer based in America who has been tagged as one of the most successful as well as celebrated Olympian in the history of swimming. He was born in the year 1985 at Baltimore in Maryland located in the U.S. He is loved by many and known by the nicknames such as “The Baltimore Bullet” and “Flying Fish” due to his great speed while swimming for various competitions.

He has won about 28 medals during his career as a swimmer. He also holds the records for various medals such as Olympic Gold Medals (23), Olympic Medal in Individual Events (16), and Olympic Gold Medals in Individual Events (13). He is also the winner for the Beijing Games that was held in the year 2008 where he bagged about 8 gold medals. He broke the record held by his fellow America based swimmer named Mark Spitz who made a record for 7 cumulative finishes at the first place at a single Olympic Game which was held in the year 1972.

In the year 2004, during the Summer Olympics held at Athens, he had managed to tie a record of total 8 medals of numerous colours in a single game which included two medals of bronze and 6 gold ones. In the year 2012 during the Summer Olympics, Phelps bagged 4 gold along with 2 silver medals. In the Summer Olympics for the year 2016 held at Rio de Janeiro, he won six medals that included five gold along with one silver.

Following his huge success, he got the title of being the “Most Successful Olympian” for the fourth time in a row. Phelps holds thr record for long course that includes 100 Meter Butterfly, 200 Meter Butterfly along with 400 Meter Individual Medley. He is also a record holder for the freestyle 200 Meter and Individual Medley for 200 Meter.

During his career, he has earned about 82 medals for major long course competitions of the international level. Out of these 82, 62 were the gold ones with 14 silver ones as well as 3 bronze ones which included competitions such as Olympics, Pan Pacific Championships, and World Championships. His enthusiastic and record breaking performances have earned him a title of “World Swimmer of the Year Award” about 8 times along with 11 times for the year 2012 and 2016 in the FINA Swimmer of the Year Award. Phelps had an early retirement in the year 2012 but returned back in 2014. His final retirement was in the year 2016 in the month of August. According to ESPN, Phelps’s has recorded a speed of 6 miles per hour which as compared to sharks who swim at a speed of 1.5 mph. Michael Phelps may be faster than sharks but the dolphin defeat his speed.

What are the highest earnings of Michael Phelps?

1-Baltimore Condo Value (2007): $1,690,000

2-Sponsorship and Bonus (2008): $6,100,000

3-Sponsorship (2009): $7,000,000

4-Asset plus salary (2012): $2,000,000

5-Sponsorship (2013): $12,000,000

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