Mick Jagger Net Worth

How much is Mick Jagger worth? $360 million

How did Mick Jagger earn his money and wealth?

Mick Jagger, real name Sir Michael Philip Jagger, was born on July 26, 1943, in Kent, England to basil Fanshawe ‘Joe’ Jagger and Eva Ensley Mary. He started singing at an early age and was a member of the church choir group. Mick attended Wentworth Primary School and became friends with Keith Richards in the year 1950. The two lost contact in between after which Mick attended Dartford Grammar School. In the year 1960, the duo eventually resumed back their friendship and realized that they shared the same passion for music. While Keith went ahead and formed his own group along with guitarist Brian Jones, Mick completed his studies at the London School of Economics. In the year 1962, Mick, Keith Charlie Watts, Brian Jones, and Bill Wyman formed the band ‘The Rolling Stone.’

Mick Jagger is not only an English singer-songwriter but is also a musician, actor, and composer. The band released its first self-titled record called ‘The Rolling Stones’ in the year 1964. Later from the years 1966 to 1969, the band went on tours across the globe, dishing out hits such as ‘Let’s Spend the Night together’ as well as ‘Sympathy for the Devil.’ During this period, one of the band members, Brian Jones died after committing suicide. Later on, Mick Taylor replaced Jones position in the group and the band went on and recorded ‘Let it Bleed’ in the year 1969. In the year 1971, the band released one of their best albums called ‘Stick Fingers.’

In the 1970s, Mike experimented with other music genres which include disco and punk. The album titled ‘Some Girls’ was released in the year 1978 which showcased several genres of music. He decided to try solo in the year 1985 and released his debut solo album ‘She’s the Boss’ and later released his second solo album ‘Primitive Cool.’

In the year 1990, Mike released his third solo album titled ‘Wandering Spirit’ which went on be become a success in popular music charts. In the year 2001, Mike released ‘Goddess in the Doorway’ and the following year, he worked in the film ‘The Man from Elysian Fields.’

In the year 2007, ‘The Rolling Stone’ band made a fortune while the members went on their ‘A Bigger Band Tour.’ The same year, Mike produced the comedy ‘The Knights of Prosperity’ that was aired on ABC. In the year 2011, Mike formed a new supergroup ‘SuperHeavy’ along with other band members which include Joss Stone, AR Rahman, Dave Stewart and Damian Marley. Later that year, he appeared in the music video ‘T.H.E. (The Hardest Ever) by Will.I.am’ and also starred in the film ‘Some Girls: Live in Texas ‘78’.

What are the highest grossing songs of Mick Jagger?

  1. Yearly income of The Rolling Stones (2013): $88,000,000
  2. Worldwide box office sales of the movie The Women (2008): $50,000,000
  3. Worldwide box office sales of the movie Get On Up (2014): $33,450,000
  4. Record sales of the album GRRR! with the band The Rolling Stones (2012): $1,440,000
  5. Record sales of the album Blue & Lonesome (2016): $1,300,000

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