Mieruko-chan Season 1: Everything We Know

‘Mieruko-chan’ is a horrorcomedy TV anime based on the Japanese manga series of the same name written and illustrated by Tomoki Izumi. The show revolves around Miko Yotsuya, an ordinary high-schooler who leads an uninspiring and pretty monotonous lifestyle until things suddenly take a dark turn when she begins to see hideous monsters following her around. Now, faced with the frightening reality, the teenager soon realizes that there is no way to deal with the horrors except ignore them since no one except her can see the gruesome creatures. It marks the beginning of a horrifying and often hilarious story that can get anyone hooked.

The KADOKAWA’s Comic Walker website has serialized the ‘Mieruko-chan’ since November 2018, and in the following years, the manga has garnered a decent fan following. The fans have been eager for its anime adaptation for a long time now. In case you are curious about the same and wish to learn more about ‘Mieruko-chan’ season 1, then you have come to the right place. Here’s everything you need to know.

Mieruko-chan Season 1: Release Date

‘Mieruko-chan’ season 1 is slated to premiere sometime in October 2021 on Tokyo MX, BS NTV, and AT-X. The series is being developed by the Japanese animation studio Passione, with Kenta Ihara leading the writing staff.

Yuki Ogawa will helm the directorial team with Shintarō Matsushima as assistant director. Apart from being the chief animation director Chikashi Kadekaru is going to serve as the character designer along with Makoto Uno, who is going to shoulder the responsibility of developing the monsters. The music for the series will be composed by Kana Utatane.

Mieruko-chan Plot: What is it About?

Miko is a high school student who leads a pretty ordinary lifestyle and prefers to spend time with her family and friends. Although her monotonous existence may seem boring to some, the teenager is wise beyond her years. She understands the importance of slowing down and experiencing life for what it is. Miko’s wisdom comes in handy when her life takes an unprecedented turn, and she begins to see horrific and hideous monsters, ghosts, spirits, and the like roaming around her and the people she loves.

With no explanation of their sudden appearance, the high schooler is left with no option but to be brave since no one else except her can she these gruesome creatures. In order to keep her best friend Hana out of harm’s way, Miko decides to act indifferent to the presence of the otherwordly monsters. However, her calm demeanor and courage in the face of adversity should not give the wrong impression that she is not suffering. But regardless of that, she continues to act selflessly, putting herself through unimaginable horrors day and night.

The paranormal activities and events interestingly hide a dark secret behind them, and as the story unfolds, Miko learns that not every monster that she encounters is the same. In fact, they vary greatly not only in how they appear but also in how they subtly interact. The series is a great starting point for anyone who wishes to get into the horror anime genre. However, its engrossing plot with countless twists and turns can surprise anyone, so fans of horror can prepare themselves for a wild ride, as ‘Mieruko-chan’ is not for the faint of heart.

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