Mile 22 Sequel: Everything We Know

Action thrillers are one of the most anticipated movies to come out of Hollywood. You know you are in for some twists, a fast-paced plot, and plenty of action to keep you on the edge of your seats. Overall, these aspects make for a very enjoyable film watching experience even if the plot does not add too much to it, by way of content. ‘Mile 22’ is certainly one such example and the 2018 espionage film takes us deep into the shadowy and deadly world of spycraft, with the betrayals that it holds. The movie has been helmed by Peter Berg and has Mark Wahlberg in the role of the protagonist. Notably, the film is the fourth collaboration between the two, following ‘Lone Survivor’, ‘Deepwater Horizon’, and ‘Patriots Day’.

The film revolves around an elite CIA task force that is comprised of paramilitary officers from the Ground Branch of Special Activities Division. They have to escort a high priority asset for 22 miles to the extraction point while being hunted by different parties. Soon, the mission turns out to be even more dangerous than expected. Upon release, the movie managed to make $66 million, not turning in a heavy profit. Besides, critics also gave unfavorable reviews, criticizing the cinematography and some action sequences, while praising certain performances.

That being said, a sequel was already announced before the first movie released, and in absence of other news, we are sure, it is being slowly but steadily developed. Currently, we don’t know if it will be titled ‘Mile 22 2’ or ‘Mile 23’, but the sequel will be looking to perform better to make a point to the critics. Here is everything we know about the ‘Mile 22’ sequel.

Mile 22 Sequel Plot: What Can It Be About?

‘Mile 22’ ends on a chilling note when the CIA team realizes that the person they are supposed to rescue is a triple agent who has been working for the Russian government all along. Alice, a member of the team, tries to stop the plan, but her future is left uncertain. Meanwhile, we see Russian operatives eliminating members of the CIA team called Overwatch. Wahlberg’s character, James Silva, appears to survive this onslaught, which is referred to in flashbacks as Silva is being debriefed. At the end of the movie, we see that Silva has a new target – Li Noor, the Russian triple agent who set up the ambush. He hangs a picture of Noor on the wall, determined to have his revenge.

When the sequel to ‘Mile 22’ begins, it will undoubtedly pick up from the harrowing final moments of the film, when we realize that Overwatch has been compromised. At this time, the core team is with Noor on the plane, so we do not know what happens from there. The sequel will obviously begin on this note. We will get to see if Noor kills everyone and hijacks the plane, or if he leaves using a parachute, taking Alice as a hostage with him.

Either way, the sequel will be a revenge movie set in the world of espionage. Silva has lost his team members and his own life has been endangered. More than the injury, however, is the insult. The CIA and the USA were duped by Russian intelligence agencies into sending the Overwatch team to extract the triple agent. The sequel could thus see Silva hot on the trail of Noor, perhaps deep in the Russian heartland, as he is willing to risk everything to rain down consequences on Noor.

There is also a slim chance that sequel to ‘Mile 22’ will show how the Overwatch team came to be formed and how Silva joined on. The chances are higher that, the upcoming movie will attempt to solve the mystery at the end of ‘Mile 22’. Either way, we hope the filmmakers take some time to come up with a good plot to ensure that the sequel performs better than the original.

Mile 22 Sequel Cast: Who Can Be In It?

If and when the sequel to ‘Mile 22’ comes out, Mark Wahlberg will definitely be back as James Silva. The character is sure to be on the warpath, looking for revenge, and the first person he has set the sights on is Li Noor. Iko Uwais, who delivered a praiseworthy performance in the first film, will be sure to reprise the role for the sequel. Silva might be going up against Senior Lieutenant Aleksander Aslanov, a deadly Russian operative, and Nikolai Nikolaeff is likely to be back, playing the role.

Among other cast members who are likely to return is Natasha Goubskaya, who plays the role of Vera Kuragina in the first movie. Vera is the mastermind behind the setup and Silva’s vengeance must find its way to her eventually. Alice, played by Lauren Cohan, is likely to return. Silva’s teammate’s fate was left unclear in the first film and it is likely to be resolved in the second. John Malkovich’s character James Bishop was shown to be critically injured in ‘Mile 22’, but he appears to get out alive, and will likely reprise his role in the sequel, helping Silva take revenge. There might be some new cast members as well, but that remains unknown for now.

Mile 22 Sequel Crew: Who Can Be Behind It?

When the sequel to ‘Mile 22’ comes out,  Peter Berg might be returning to helm the film again. We know for a fact that Umair Aleem has been tapped to write the sequel to the movie. STX Films was the production company behind the first film and expressed enthusiasm in announcing the sequel beforehand. Thus, for the moment, we believe they are still attached to the project, but STX has been known to back out before, in which case, the sequel will need to find a new production company to back it.

Mile 22 Sequel Release Date: When Can It Premiere?

‘Mile 22’ came out in 2018 after preliminary work on the project began in 2015. Naturally, the sequel will not take as long since the cast and crew are somewhat in place. However, it will take longer to come up with a good story, since the first film was not well received. This leads us to believe that the earliest ‘Mile 22’ sequel could release is in 2022 or 2023, if the project picks up pace.

Mile 22 Sequel Trailer:

The ‘Mile 22’ sequel does not have a trailer yet, but you can check out the trailer for ‘Mile 22’ to get an idea of the movie.

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