Where Is Milla Clark From My 600-lb Life Today?

TLC’s ‘My 600-lb Life’ is an incredible series that helps us see the journey that obese people undertake to turn their lives around so as to ensure that they can live a long and healthy life. Under the careful supervision of Dr. Now, these individuals follow a strict diet plan to reach a safe weight, after which they are approved to undergo a weight-loss assist surgery to further help them shed weight. While some tend to fail in following Dr. Now’s orders, others, like Milla Clark, make the best of their situation and come out fitter than ever before.

Milla Clark: My 600-lb Life Journey

We were first introduced to Milla Clark, the then 47-year-old from Tennessee in season 4 of the series. Her determination and her personality quickly made her the fan-favorite and had us hoping that she would be able to beat all the odds. Her episode’s official synopsis reads: “For Milla Clark, after 3 years and 5 surgeries, success would mean beating the odds and becoming one of Dr. Nowzaradan’s most impressive weight loss patients ever, but failure would mean slipping back to the bed-bound life she swore she’d never return to.”

And it’s true, struggling with weight her entire life, Milla weighed at an astounding 751 lbs when she finally decided to seek professional help. Because of her massive frame, she couldn’t move around a lot or do any day to day chores, which meant that she was stuck with living her life within the confines of her bed. Like most of the patients who appear on the show, her issues with food and weight began during her childhood years as well.

Milla explained how her mother would force her and her siblings to eat, and if, for any reason, any of them left something or refused to eat, she would take it as rejection. “My sister was small and couldn’t finish her plate,” she said. “And I secretly helped her with her plate so they wouldn’t be punished… At the same time, the food was my mother’s warmth to me. So I ate everything I was given. And I wanted more and more.” She did also state that her mother didn’t have enough food growing up, so it was just her way to make sure that her own kids did.

Unfortunately, a couple of months into filming her episode and her weight loss journey, Milla’s husband and the father of her five children, Elroy, passed away. However, instead of going back to her ways, Milla became more motivated than ever, and not wanting to leave her children orphaned, started working harder. With the help of diet, exercise, and Dr. Now, she lost 153 lbs during her debut, making her end weight be 598 lbs.

Where Is Milla Clark Now?

Milla has continued her weight loss journey throughout the years. During her 2019, Where Are They Now? episode, she revealed that she weighed just 155 lbs, having gone down close to 600 lbs in total. In 2018, she did hit a snag, having a couple of health scares that made her spend most of her time in the hospital, but she didn’t let it affect her physical health at all. She admitted that she has undergone the weight loss surgery, multiple skin removal surgeries, and has even had a double knee replacement so as to walk again properly.

Both her Facebook and her Instagram profiles focus on her weight loss journey and her life as a slim woman. She continually gives her fans updates on her social media, and even goes as far as to sometimes share her workout and exercise routines. According to her Facebook, the Alabama native has moved back to her home in Fayetteville, Tennessee, and is currently, happily, residing there. Milla is proof that it’s never too late to turn your life around and to chase all your dreams and ambitions.


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