Mind Your Manners Season 1: Where is the Cast Now?

Netflix’s ‘Mind Your Manners’ is a reality series that introduces viewers to the world of etiquette. Each episode of the show features a different person looking forward to improving themselves and achieving their dreams. To do so, they approach Sara Jane Ho, an international etiquette teacher whose expertise and knowledge are nothing short of impressive.

Under Sara’s tutelage, the students find their inner strength and confidence. The show’s first season featured many interesting stories that captured the viewers’ hearts. Naturally, fans are eager to know what Sara’s students from the series’ initial installment are up to these days, and we are here to answer the same!

Where is Stephanie Osifo Now?

Starting with Sara’s first student seen in the Netflix show, we have Stephanie Osifo. The young woman wanted the coach’s help to turn her life around and move on from her past hurts. Presently, Stephanie lives in Sydney, Australia, with her family. Apart from her parents, she has younger siblings for whom she hopes to be an inspiration.

Stephanie’s family has roots in Nigeria and seems close to their culture. She is reportedly working as a Disability Support worker and has genuinely taken Sara’s lessons to heart. Though Stephanie apparently does not have a romantic partner, that has not stopped her from enjoying life to the fullest.

Where is William Termini Now?

Presently based in Sydney, Australia, William Termini approached Sara Jane Ho hoping to improve his lifestyle and dating prospects. Since he grew up with a pioneering synth musician as a parent, he is very passionate about art and technology. The reality TV star is also interested in photography and uses a variety of cameras to capture photogenic moments.

William likes to share his pictures through Instagram with his followers. Additionally, he has two YouTube channels that feature a variety of content. As of writing, William works as an Engineer in Cyber Security. Furthermore, it does not seem like he is in a serious relationship at present.

Where is Raishel Jones Now?

Having spent nearly ten years as a stay-at-home mother, Raishel Jones approached Sara to transition into the life of a working woman. Her love for fashion is quite evident in the show, and the reality TV star seems to be making impressive strides in the field. Raishel and her daughters were recently awarded the second-best-dressed family award at the Myer FOTF competition on Stakes Day 2022. This is far from the only fashion event that she has attended.

In May 2022, Raishel finally got her Australian citizenship and was quite delighted by the development. The fashionista is quite happy in her personal life and is happily married to her husband, Matthew. The couple has two beautiful daughters named Madeline and Penelope. Besides, they have an adorable dog who the family cherishes.

Where is Illiana McDonnell Now?

Next, we have Illiana Nuñez McDonnell, who entered the Netflix show at 31 to regain her confidence. The young woman had given birth to her first child about ten months earlier and was going through postpartum anxiety. Sara’s teachings helped Illiana regain her confidence and restart her life as a professional woman. As of writing, she has been happily married to Liam McDonnell since November 2018.

On January 10, 2021, Illiana gave birth to her daughter Camila Lucia McDonnell. The beautiful baby girl was seen in the Netflix show and enjoys much affection from her parents. In June 2022, Illiana and Liam announced they were expecting their second child in November of the same year. The family is excited about the latest member, who will likely arrive soon.

Where is Christy Aldred Now?

Christy Aldred hoped to reclaim her confidence and grow her business through Sara’s teachings. Her journey on the show was nothing short of heartwarming and positively impacted her life. As of writing, Christy uses the tips and tricks taught to her by Sara to further her business. The reality TV star makes beautiful earrings that one cannot help but admire.

Not only is Christy selling her earrings on online marketplaces, but she seems ready to launch her website. Additionally, the businesswoman sells her products at physical locations. Presently, she is happily married to her husband, Waine Aldred, and has a beautiful daughter named Sydney, who is about eight years old. It does not seem like Christy is very active on social media.

Where is Bunny Yan Now?

Sara’s last student in season 1 of ‘Mind Your Manners’ was Bunny Yan. Growing up in the US, she felt disconnected from her Chinese roots and hoped to get back in touch with her heritage through the etiquette teacher’s help. As far as Bunny’s career is concerned, her work in the fashion industry is nothing short of impressive. As a Fashion Storyteller and Founder of Leftside Of Fashion, she aims to combine fashion, comedy, and sustainability.

The organization’s Instagram show promotes these three topics and has helped boost Bunny’s popularity. Moreover, she is a Startup Mentor for Various Startup Incubators and has held the role of Founder/CEO of the Squirrelz since March 2013. The latter offers consultancy services to different brands regarding fashion and sustainability. The content creator is the mind behind Wasavy’s Printshop, which she established in March 2004 in Shanghai, China.

Bunny’s social media also has many comedic videos that never fail to entertain her fans. Apart from working with brands like H&M and being featured in publications like Forbes and TimeOut, she has been honored to speak in front of the UN. She was invited to the White House during President Barack Obama’s term.

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