Mine Episode 15: What to Expect?

The latest episode of ‘Mine’ covers the events that led to Ji-yong’s death. The investigators assigned to the case suspect that Seong-tae is the killer. But two more people are roped into the case after evidence reveals surprising information about the family. Meanwhile, Hi-soo proclaims to have been struck with amnesia, and Seo-hyun is hiding something. For a deep dive into the summary of episode 14, you can read the recap section. Now, let us take a look at the details for ‘Mine’ episode 15!

Mine Episode 15 Release Date

‘Mine’ episode 15 will release on June 26, 2021, at 3 am ET on Netflix. The series has 16 episodes in total, with each having an approximate runtime of 60-70 minutes. Two new episodes release on Netflix on Saturdays and Sundays.

Where to Stream Mine Episode 15 Online?

Subscribers of Netflix can watch ‘Mine’ episode 15 on the streamer here. The show originally airs in South Korea on the cable network tvN every Saturday and Sunday, while international audiences can exclusively watch it on Netflix as of now.

Mine Episode 15 Spoilers

In ‘Mine’ episode 15, Soo-hyuk’s engagement ceremony will gain central focus. As preparations carry on in full swing, Joo and a maid will find something unusual in Seong-tae’s room, perhaps evidence that could solve the mystery of Ji-yong’s death. Speaking of which, the investigators will approach Jin-ho but with questions about Ha-joon’s departure from the country. Meanwhile, Seo-hyun will have a hard time deflecting all accusations placed on her after the latest discovery revealed that it was her driving a knocked-out Hi-soo to the hospital.

Mine Episode 14 Recap

The latest episode of ‘Mine’ pulls us into the past with a series of flashbacks on the night of Ji-Yong’s death. Hye-Jin aims at Ji-Yong with a shotgun at his back as Seong-tae is a distant spectator, and Seo-hyun is attacked too. In the present, Hi-soo stands on the balcony mulling over the mystery of his death. An investigator inspects the house and marks it clear. He doesn’t find the cellar beneath the mansion. The police, on the other hand, declare Seong-tae as the prime suspect. Four days ago, the chairman had requested Ji-yong to let go of all his grudges against the family. But he turns him down, leaving behind a distraught Mother Emma. A day later, Jin-ho is notified about Cho Beom-gu’s arrest for the murder of Su-chang, originally orchestrated by Ji-yong. He pays off Beom-gu to take the fall.

The scene then cuts to ten days after the murder, and Hi-soo is suffering from amnesia. She thinks it is better for Ha-joon to stay with his birth mother. Later, she overhears Hye-Jin and Ha-Joon talking about her deteriorating memory. Struggling to regain her footing, she visits Mother Emma and enquires about her secret meetings with Ji-Yong. She reveals that she had to keep an eye on him owing to his treacherous past and nasty killer instincts. Seong-tae decides to leave Korea a day after Ji-yong’s death which further increases suspicion. Meanwhile, the investigators try to gauge how genuine Hi-soo’s amnesia is. They eventually learn that she was brought to the hospital with multiple injuries the night of the murder. Security footage reveals that Seo-Hyun was the one who drove Hi-Soo to the hospital.

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