Minx Season 3: Renewal Possibilities Explored

Starz’s comedy series ‘Minx’ revolves around Joyce Prigger, who publishes the titular erotic magazine for women by teaming up with Bottom Dollar Publications’ Doug Renetti. Joyce and Doug face several challenges in publishing their creation as they confront the threat of patriarchal notions. The series progresses through Minx’s growth from a pornographic magazine to a national sensation. Originally released on March 17, 2022, the show was created by Ellen Rapoport.

The series received immense acclaim from critics and audiences alike, especially garnering praises for its feminist narrative, striking humor, and Ophelia Lovibond and Jake Johnson’s performances as Joyce and Doug respectively. The second season of the series, which premiered on Starz following its move from HBO Max (currently known as Max), ends with multiple cliffhangers, making the viewers excited about its third installment. Will it materialize? Let’s find out!

Will Minx Season 3 Happen?

‘Minx’ season 2 premiered on July 21, 2023, on Starz, concluding its run on September 8, 2023. The second season comprises eight episodes with a runtime of 30 minutes each.

As far as the third season of the show is concerned, here’s what we can share. Starz has not yet released an official statement regarding the future of the series. However, the third season is definitely a possibility since the second season ends with multiple cliffhangers, seemingly setting up the narrative of the third round. The second round finale ends with Joyce waging a war against Constance by publishing an issue of Minx without her approval. Without waiting for the wealthy widow to fire her, Joyce resigns from Minx to reclaim her voice with the support of Shelly, Richie, Tina, and Bambi. Doug, meanwhile, ends up sharing intimacy with Constance.

The potential third season can revolve around the ideological war between Joyce and Constance. The wealthy widow may try to replace her protégé with another woman and use Doug’s business expertise to expand Minx to four continents and eight countries. She may face challenges while expanding her publishing empire since Joyce, who has turned against her, is a national sensation with immense acceptance. The young publisher may create a new magazine to express her views and publish her creations without any filters. Doug may find it difficult to choose his ally but he may stick with Constance for now since she has the money to fund his plans.

In addition to the narrative scope, Jake Johnson (Doug) already revealed his wish to see a third season materializing. “We’ve been removed from HBO Max but we’re still finishing the season. […] From what I am hearing S1 & S2 (and hopefully S3) will find a new home, the question is where. […] We love making the show and hope to continue to. It’s a crazy business & that’s partly what’s so addictive about it,” the actor shared back in December 2022 when Max pulled the plug on the show. Johnson’s mention of the third season indicates that Rapoport may have a plan concerning the same.

If the viewership of the second season, along with several other factors, impresses the heads of Starz, the network is expected to greenlight the third installment. However, the ongoing WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes may influence any decision concerning the renewal of the show. If ‘Minx’ once again succeeds in overcoming a huge obstacle on its way, the third season may materialize, even if it gets delayed due to the ongoing strikes. If renewed soon, we can expect ‘Minx’ season 2 to release sometime in Q3 2024.

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