7 Goofs in ‘The Dark Knight’ That You Didn’t Notice

The Dark Knight’ is arguably the most popular movie of the 21st century. It rarely happens that a film is loved by everyone .. from critics to Hollywood to general audiences. When a film is as popular as ‘The Dark Knight’, every aspect of it scrutinized. And sometimes that scrutiny leads to discovery of goofs. Here are seven of them.

1. When Lucius Fox meets with Lau on the terrace of his Hong Kong office building, you can clearly see all of the McCormick Place buildings of Chicago in the background behind Fox.

2. When The Joker gets into the vehicle on the way to the bank heist, he produces a modified Glock 17 and a magazine. When he inserts the magazine into the weapon and pulls back the slide to load it, the slide locks back and he has to depress the slide release to let the slide cycle forward. This means the magazine is empty, as the slide would cycle forward instead of locking if the magazine had been loaded.

3. During the bank heist, the manager’s shotgun is single-shot, meaning he must cock the gun before each shot. He shoots at the Joker right after shouting “Hey!” However, before this shot, he is neither seen nor heard cocking the gun. Also, between the gunshot before this one and when he shouts, there is almost no time slot in which he could have cocked the gun.

4. During the chase scene on the lower street level the truck in which the Joker is riding hits the right side of the SWAT truck, however the SWAT truck flies off into the river as though it had been hit on its left side. Furthermore the road changes from a gradual right turn immediately to a gradual left turn

5. As Joker and Batman (on his Batpod) face off, a banner on the building behind Joker reads “Sweet Home Chicago” – the actual location where the downtown scene was shot. (A line below the name reads “Chocolates – Nuts – Coffee – Pastries,” indicating that it is a local store with a pun in its name, not travel or event-related.) A short distance away, when the armored transport carrying Harvey Dent stops, a LaSalle Street address can be seen, indicating the street the shot was filmed on.

6. When Batman grabs onto Scarecrow’s van, just before he cuts into the metal, you can see a small indented outline of where he’s going to cut.

7. In the part where all the crime leaders are having the meeting with Lou live on TV, the TV screen gives off a green reflection on the table which means that they put a green sheet over the TV screen so that can put over another version (special effects) of the live video of Lou.

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