10 Most Stylish Directors Working Today


The world of cinema has always been rather exciting. Cinema has caused us to feel a wide-spread of emotions, we suspend our disbelief and travel to a completely different reality as an audience. Filmmakers immerse us into these different dimensions almost, giving us life lessons and knowledge to use in our own lives. However, certain directors can make this job even easier for the audience. Our disbelief is so easy to suspend when it comes to these directors and their films. So with that said, here is the list of most stylish working directors!

10. Shane Carruth

Ever since Carruth’s first film, ‘Primer’, he has proven that he thinks much more outside of the box than other directors working. Despite him only having made two feature films, he gives us a different approach to the visual style than we normally see. He creates this storytelling element that is told almost primarily through his abrasive visual talent. Primer had a different feel than any other movie releasing in 2004 and was widely overlooked, making him a director more people should not only research but appreciate.

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9. Alejandro Gonzales Innaritu

Innaritu is without a doubt one of the greatest directors to emerge within the last couple decades. Innaritu has created something that is uniquely his, through his choice of stories. All of his stories have a powerful emotional attachment, forcing the audience to connect with the film on a whole other level. Through the glorified talent of Emmanuel Lubezki, Innaritu’s films have always had a rather in your face visual style. This in your face style can also be credited to the writing in his films as well, these unique, strange worlds are created and then complimented with the in your face, swift camera movements.


8. Nicolas Winding Refn

Winding Refn is one of those directors whose visuals are so impressive that we can ignore the narrative of his films and just appreciate the picture and the sound doing something special. Refn doesn’t usually take on narrative heavy projects and focuses more on telling a specific style of story, visually. His crazy, sporadic use of colors in films like Drive and The Neon Demon, it’s obvious that the visuals are hung a bit higher on Refn’s priority list than other aspects of his films.


7. Pedro Almodovar

Since his first film, Almodovar has had a clearly different way of viewing things than his competitions. He creates such an interesting energy with his films that you feel like you almost have to scrub off afterwards. From the moment you begin an Almodovar film you can almost smell the difference in his films between other directors. He has mastered something on a rather realistic level, every single one of his films have a very realistic factor. There is something that always seems to feel realistic when we watch his films, furthering his impressive visual style.


6. Quentin Tarantino

Tarantino has been stylish ever since he exploded onto the scene. With his whacky, vocabulary heavy dialogue he has managed to create something that separates him from other directors on this list. His stylish-ness does not necessarily shine through in his visuals, but through his narratives and dialogue. He holds a lot of homage to other styles of film in his visual style, but his true strengths as a director remain in his stories and character interaction.


5. The Coen Brothers

The Coen brothers have now sky-rocketed themselves into some of the most well known directors in the world. Creating more than one american classic, they have mastered so many different aspects of film. From how their characters interact with one another, to the characters that they are creating, it is clear that the Coens have a firm grasp on the film language. With help from spectacular cinematographer Roger Deakins, the Coens have not only mastered how to deliver poetic images, but also how to tell interesting and wildly entertaining stories.


4. Paul Thomas Anderson

Paul Thomas Anderson has created a universe, separate from every other director in the world of film. The world of PTA is a towering giant among the worlds of the competition. He creates such an immersive and emotional world that it is almost hard to look away. PTA like to show some of the grittiest and most difficult situations for characters but he forces us to keep watching. Creating a riveting environment through the performances and his ominous visual style, the world of PTA is a breathtaking and frightening one.


3. David Lynch

David Lynch operates solely out of the subconscious of his characters. Everything we view on screen during a Lynch film is meant to be taken as a small piece, to no greater whole. Lynch is a director who understands how to perfectly manipulate his audience. How to purposefully make us all feel a specific emotion, that attaches to a specific scenario. One of the view director to use these talents both audibly and visually. Lynch is a director with a creepy vibe but also a rather poetic one as well.


2. David Fincher

David Fincher is one of the greatest modern directors working. He loves stories of obsession within the characters and adores telling these stories visually. The interactions between his characters is always strong, but his powerful visual style is just the cherry on top. He creates something that feels both ominous and hopeful simultaneously, letting the audience chose which of the two to believe in. Though his world may not hold as much truth to other directors, it is clear he likes to tell these stories that result in an over the top conclusion.


1. Terrence Malick

Terrence Malick is the definition of focusing solely on the visual. His stories usually lack a straight forward narrative and he adores showing how much of a visionary he is with the camera. Gliding, swift camera moves that create a dream-like feel in his films, Malick has focused solely on how to effect his audiences visually. Whether you like Malick or not, it is without a doubt that his films have always left you feeling a specific emotion. Whether that be anger, joy, or depression, Malick is focused on emotions through his visuals and he has mastered this element.

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