Motherland Season 2: Premiere Date, Cast, Trailer, Spoilers & News

When one thinks about ‘comedy’ and ‘British TV’ in the same breath, the association invariably leads to some comic giants of the past whose footfalls still echo in how the British comedy works today – these are the cursory Monty Python group who perfected the surrealist comedy on TV, their ‘Monty Python’s Flying Circus’ and John Cleese’s individual two-season project ‘The Fowlty House’ had left the impression of their eccentric, offbeat brand of humour even on the age of the sitcom. The classics like Ricky Gervais’ The Office (the original UK version) was ripe with cringe comedy – the comedy of awkwardness, the logical next step in British dry humour. This was since 2010 lost upon many sitcoms that came after The Office UK, instead oriented towards a more US tint of humour. Or so would be the entire picture of the scene, if it were not for guardians of the true British sitcom like Aisling Bea and Sharon Horgan.

Horgan’s Catastrophe was one of the biggest breakout hits with unprecedented success for a very niche-specific cringe comedy. And in 2016, its spiritual successor to again champion the form was born as a collaborative effort between Graham Linehan and Sharon Morgan, for the pitch of a single episode worth of screenwriting in the BBC Two Sitcom Season 2016 – the episode which later on became the pilot as BBC ordered a full six-episode miniseries. This show is ‘Motherland’, a sitcom about the woes of motherhood.

Motherland Season 2 Cast: Who’s in it?

‘Motherland’ is a crew of BAFTA galore – it is written by Sharon Morgan, who won both an Emmy and a BAFTA for her ‘Catastrophe’, directed by the BAFTA-winning director of ‘The I.T. Crowd’, Graham Linehan, and to top it off, stars BAFTA-winning actress Anna Maxwell Martin in the lead role, known for her work in The Bletchley Cycles and Death Comes To Pemberley. Anna plays Julia, the protagonist who is at the centre of the show’s at times chaotic set-pieces of hilarity and lucrative comedy – but the show’s star power does not end there. It also features some very prominent actresses in its supporting cast, at the forefront of which is Anna’s friends, Amanda and Liz, played by ‘Into The Woods’-starrer Lucy Punch and ‘Cunk on Shakespeare’-starrer Diane Morgan, respectively. Although the script for a new season is not known to be ready yet, it can be assumed that the second season will at least have the trio of Julia, Amanda, and Liz, and so Anna, Lucy, and Diane will definitely be present as the central cast yet again.

Motherland Season 2 Plot: What is it about?

Motherland is a sitcom on the trials and tribulations of middle-class motherhood in the urban UK, as the show’s cast goes through cycles of hope and satirical despair facing the drabness of modern parenting. For the next season, we expect a more cohesive arc to be there (which the show lacked in the debut season), and of course, the sheer hilarity of the situations the characters are put through.

Motherland Season 2 Release Date: When will it premiere?

Motherlands had a great reception both from the critics and judging by the ratings, its plot leaves quite a few threads to build towards a follow-up season – it is all but confirmed that there will be the second season. But there are four writers in total, and it might take a while for their schedules to line up. The air date for season 2 is therefore uncertain for now.

Motherland Season 2 Trailer

With no news on the renewal of the show since the debut season finished airing and no announcements made by either BBC or a green light from the writing crew of the show, means filming has not started. Naturally, there is no promo content for the tentative season available either – including teasers or trailers. So while waiting for further updates, what you can do for now is watch the official trailer for the debut season to get a glimpse into the show here.