Will There be a Rebecca Sequel?

Based on the 1938 namesake novel by Dame Daphne du Maurier, Netflix’s 2020 film ‘Rebecca’ tells the story of an unnamed 20-something protagonist who marries a handsome widower. When she goes to live in his sprawling ancestral home, known as Manderley, she quickly realizes that she can’t escape the shadow that her husband’s dead first wife casts in every aspect of life in the estate. Screenwriters Jane Goldman, Joe Shrapnel, and Anna Waterhouse adapted du Maurier’s novel for the film.

Ben Wheatley (‘Free Fire’) has helmed this psychological thriller, along with his long-time collaborator Laurie Rose serving as the Director of Photography. Since its release, the film has garnered predominantly positive reviews from the critics and the audiences. If you are wondering whether there will be a ‘Rebecca’ sequel, here is everything we know!

Rebecca Sequel Release Date

‘Rebecca’ originally premiered in select cinema halls in the United Kingdom on October 16, 2020. The film was released on Netflix on October 21, 2020. As for a sequel of the film, Netflix has not put out any official statement on the matter.

Considering the fact that du Maurier’s novel is a standalone story, it might never happen. However, certain elements in the story can be explored in a possible sequel. If the filmmakers eventually decide to revisit the story, and Netflix greenlights the production, ‘Rebecca 2′ might release sometime in 2022 or later.

Rebecca Sequel Cast: Who can be in it?

Lily James portrays the unnamed protagonist, also known as the second Mrs. de Winter. Armie Hammer plays Maxim de Winter, while Sam Riley is cast as Jack Favell. Kristin Scott Thomas essays the character of Mrs. Danvers. The cast of the film also includes Tom Goodman-Hill as Frank Crawley, Keeley Hawes as Beatrice Lacy, Mark Lewis Jones as Inspector Welch, and Ann Dowd as Mrs. Van Hopper. Most members of the main cast are likely to return if there is a sequel, save for Scott Thomas, whose character’s fate is sealed in the film’s final act.

Rebecca Recap

After arriving in Manderley, the protagonist encounters a very hostile Mrs. Danvers, who came to the estate with Rebecca. She uses every opportunity to let the younger woman know that she will never replace her mistress. In time, the second Mrs. de Winter develops an unhealthy obsession with the first Mrs. de Winter. This culminates in her wearing one of Rebecca’s dresses, which horrifies and disgusts Max.

After Rebecca’s body is recovered from the sea, she learns from Max that he killed his first wife after she told him that she was pregnant with another man’s child. It is later revealed that Rebecca made it up, so an enraged Max would kill her. She had cancer and feared a slow and painful death. Mrs. Danvers sets fire to Manderley before killing herself. Max and the protagonist travel across the world, looking for a place to call home.

Rebecca Sequel: What can it be About?

During their final conversation, Crawley threatens Max and the protagonist. In the sequel, he might serve as the chief antagonist. The couple might finally stop traveling and settle down. They can also return to Cornwall and rebuild Manderley. The friendship between the protagonist and her sister-in-law Beatrice might grow stronger. There is also a possibility that Rebecca might make an appearance on screen in the sequel.

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