17 Most Awaited Upcoming Anime Games

Anime has become a worldwide phenomenon due to its unique style, art, and designs. So, it is only fair that we get some of that fun in games too. Being a very profitable market many developers have created a game adaptation of various anime to cash in on the popularity of it. Some of these games are really great and entertaining. Here is the list of most anticipated new anime games that can played on PS4, Xbox, PC, or Mac coming out within next few years (2019, 2020).So, if you are a fan of such games feel free to dive into it. A couple of games are not exactly anime adaptations but there style and design have been made similar to anime. Don’t forget to mention your favorite pick in the comments.

17. 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim (2020)

’13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim’ is a 2D adventure, fantasy, sci-fi Role Playing game which will be releasing this year in the month of March. The trailers for the game are out and one can check them out. The visuals look pretty decent. The design is quite good. So, for the gameplay looks kind of smooth too. It is a mecha genre game thus players will be able to control a huge robot. The game is developed by Vanillaware who are quite phenomenal at what they do. The game takes place in the year 1980 and follows the aftermath of a catastrophe. Also, 13 mosses land on the streets of Japan and somehow 13 high school students are connected to them. A game demo titled ’13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim Prologue’ will be airing in Japan on 14th March. But if you want to play the full game you might have to wait until the next year.

16. Tokyo Ghoul: re Call to Exist (2019)

If you are a fan of the ‘Tokyo Ghoul’ franchise then there’s great news for you. A brand new action player vs player game will be releasing this year. The visuals of the game look stunning. The action direction and gameplay is adding to the expectations of the fans. The game will have the characters from the manga and will allow the gamer to pick a side. One can either choose to become a ghoul or they can try to uphold the law by becoming investigators. Whatever path one chooses comes with its own sets of abilities. To be able to dominate your enemies you need to master your abilities in efficiently using your Kagune or Quinque depending on your choice of becoming a ghoul or an inspector. Effective use of one’s surroundings is also quite helpful in defeating the enemies.

15. Dead or School (August 2019)

‘Dead or School’ is a Hack and Slash role-playing game which will be releasing this year for consoles like PS4 and Nintendo switch. The game is going to be a side-scrolling game with lots of blood, gore, violence, and hopefully, we will also get some ecchi torn clothing scene. Anyways, the gameplay looks nice and is kind of great for people who love hack and slash games. The game is about decimating zombies. Zombies are a nasty bunch of undead creatures who have taken control of Tokyo. The gamers get to play as a beautiful and well endowed teenage girl named Hisako who uses her sword to cut through hordes of zombies in this game. The mature content of the game including the violence and erotic nature gives this game an adult rating. There is a range of weapons whose various parameters affect the killing part. Also, as the game progresses Hisako’s level increases giving her better combat abilities.

14. The Caligula Effect: Overdose (2019)

‘The Caligula Effect: Overdose’ will be launching in March this year for PS4 in Europe, New Zealand, Australia, and North America. The game is a combo attack where one needs to execute chains of combos along with their team in a smart, tactical way so as to maximize damage to the enemies. This new version of the game looks quite good and the gameplay so far feels decent. The trailers are out so if you are interested you might want to check them out. The game takes place in a virtual world Mobius whose creator is a Vocaloid program by the name of μ. To escape this fabricated reality you will need the support of your team. You will need to use your team’s abilities to inflict damage on the enemies to win and be able to escape from this place. The new version obviously has better graphics and newer scenes and endings. To win in this turn-based RPG you will need to unite the students in Mobius and fight alongside them to be able to escape to reality.

13. Granblue Fantasy: Relink (2020)

You might be familiar with the name ‘Granblue Fantasy’ which is a popular mobile game. ‘Granblue Fantasy: Relink’ is an adaptation of that game. The game will be releasing in the upcoming year for PS4 consoles. The creator of the game is PlatinumGames who is responsible for games like ‘Bayonetta’ which received largely positive reviews. The 2014 mobile game was a huge success and became quite popular in Asia. This latest adaptation will take place in the same world or setting but the story or timeline will be completely different and original. The game has really beautiful visuals and the backdrop includes islands floating among clouds. The development of the game has been delaying for some time now but it seems that we might get to play the game sometime in the next year. There are also speculations that the game might end up in PCs. Gameplay footage of the game is out so you might want to check it out.

12. Dead or Alive 6 (March 2019)

‘Dead or Alive 6’ is the sequel to the fighting game ‘Dead or Alive 5’. But this time the game receives a violence rating for its graphics. This was not the case for its predecessors. Violent graphics means high-quality blood spurts and if you like fighting games which provide such a display then you might want to mark your calendar since the game is set to release on 1st March this year. The user can choose any of the 26 playable fighters and carry on the game. Most of the gameplay is quite similar to its predecessors. The developers have made the game a bit easy for the newcomers. In the beginner level, one can press a single button multiple times to execute simple combos. The developers have tried to delay their attention towards sexualization of the game and though boob physics still remains the effects are toned down. So, if you are a fan of such stuff it might be disappointing for you.

11. Streets of Rage 4 (2019)

‘Streets of Rage 4’ is a continuation of the game series ‘Streets of Rage’. This gaming franchise first came out in the 90s and was quite popular. If you are one of those people who are unfamiliar with the title then you need to know that this is a beat’em up style game where you have to basically muscle your way through enemy lines. There are an array of characters in the game one can choose from. This is the fourth installment to the franchise and the game is making a comeback after 25 years. The platform for which the game will be released has not been confirmed yet. There have not been any significant wordings about the plot yet but it has been confirmed that the game will be set 10 years after the events of its predecessor i.e. ‘Streets of Rage 3’. Axel Stone and the sexy Blaze Fielding will be returning to the game as two of the main characters. The announcement for the game took place in the month of August the previous year. The game will be most probably launching this year.

10. Steins;Gate Elite (2019)

‘Steins;Gate Elite’ is sort of an update of its predecessor ‘Steins;Gate’ from back in 2009. The game is a visual novel and is quite popular among anime fans. It is one of the best science fiction anime out there and I recommend it to everyone who loves watching anime. The anime actually based on the 2009 visual novel game whose update is ‘Steins;Gate Elite’. Though the game has already been released in Japan the game will be released internationally this year. This game, unlike its predecessor, is fully animated. The in-game footages are from the anime adaptation of the visual novel. There are also some new scenes which one cannot see in the anime. The gameplay will be similar. the users will have multiple choices and depending on their response the outcome will occur.

9. Persona Q2: New Cinema Labyrinth (June 2019)

If you enjoy playing dungeon crawlers then this one might be for you. ‘Persona Q2: New Cinema Labyrinth’ is a dungeon crawler RPG which will be available to Nintendo 3DS gamers worldwide in the month of June this year. The developer of the game is Atlus. It is not a sequel or something of the ‘Persona’ series rather it is more of a spin-off of the series. The characters from the previous installments ‘Persona 3’, ‘Persona 4’, and ‘Persona 5’ will be present in this game and the lot will revolve around them. The game has already been released in Japan the previous year.

8. One Piece: World Seeker (March 2019)

One of the best anime games which will be releasing this year is ‘One Piece: World Seeker’. It is an open world game. The entire world in this game can be explored freely. The gamers will be able to control the character of Monkey D. Luffy. The gameplay is from a third person perspective. The trailers are out and the game looks stunning. The combat moves are quite entertaining too. Moves like Gomu Gomu no Bazooka and Gomu Gomu no Rocket which occur in the anime will be present in this game too. Luffy can also use Haki to be able to see through walls. The game takes place in the Jail island present in the New World.

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7. Inazuma Eleven Ares (2019)

‘Inazuma Eleven Ares’ is a game which has been in development for a long time now. The game should have released ages ago but has been delayed multiple times now. But hopefully, there will not be any further delays and gamers will be able to play the game this year. ‘Inazuma Eleven Ares’ will have all the popular themes and their characters will be recruitable. the game also contains certain story scenes which are present in the anime. Like ‘Steins;Gate Elite’ there are also new scenes which are not in the anime. For newcomers, the game is a role-playing sports game revolving around soccer.

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6. Guilty Gear (2019)

Look, if you are a fan of ‘Guilty Gear’ there might be good news for you but still don’t get your hopes too high. The CEO of Arc System Works, the developers of the game, at EVO 2018 announced that a new title of the ‘Guilty Gear’ is currently in development. Though there has not been any word about the release date of the anime we might expect to see it this year. The game is a fighting game. The story of the earlier game begins in the year 2010 when humans find a new source of energy they dub magic. With it, they create Gears who are sort of living weapons. Over time Gears turned against us and it took hundreds of year to defeat them. But a gear by the name of Testament is back and wants to destroy humanity. Thus, to defeat him people organize a tournament whose winner will get the task of defeating testament.

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5. Yo-kai Watch 4 (March-June 2019)

‘Yo-kai Watch 4’ is a role-playing game which is linked with the ‘Yo-Kai Watch’ series. The game will be releasing sometime in Spring this year. The creators of the game are Level-5. ‘Yo-kai Watch 4’ is going to be released for Nintendo Switch. So, if you own the console be sure to check it out. This a battle game and this time the gamers can choose either human characters or the Yo-kai who are on their side. Switching between the characters is going to be critical in order to master the game. In this game, you play as multiple teenage characters across various worlds and timelines all the while trying to defeat the Yokai.

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4. Necrobarista (Early 2019)

‘Necrobarista’ is a visual novel game which will be releasing on multiple platforms like Microsoft Windows, PS4 in early 2019. The story revolves around a cafe where all kinds of people, be it living or dead, come for refreshments. The cafe is present in the city of Melbourne. Route 59 is the company who is the creators of the game. They are an Australian company. The game has been designed using the Unity 3D engine. The style of the game has been changed to give it the anime feeling. The gameplay is like any other visual novel and the gamers will just need to use their mouse to navigate scenes. The users will get an idea about the story by reading various texts which will be displayed on the screen.

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3. Dragon Ball Game Project Z: Action RPG  (2019)

Woohoo! We get another kickass ‘Dragon Ball’ game. The game will be releasing this year as the creators at Bandai Namco tweeted on January 28th. It will be an RPG in which gamers will be able to play as Goku and go on various adventures and explore various worlds. the story will revolve around the dragon balls as tweeted by Bandai Namco. The game will be taking inspirations from the ‘Dragon Ball Z’ series which came out in the year 1989 and ran through to 1996. The combat mode is similar to arcade-style brawlers. As the game progresses the character will gain experience which will improve his statistics enabling him to learn new techniques and attacks. I am impatiently waiting for this game to release.

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2. Kill la Kill the Game: IF (2019)

‘Kill la Kill’ is a popular anime which includes lots of actions. Another feature of this anime is scantily clad female characters. ‘Kill la Kill The Game’ will allow the gamers to play as various characters from the popular anime. The publishers of the game are the Arc System Works. ‘Kill la Kill The Game’ is 3D battle action, fighter game which one can play both in single player or multiplayer mode. Arc System Works has been successful in the creation of other titles like Guilty gear as well as Dragon Ball Fighter Z. So, hopefully, they will not disappoint us with this game either. The trailer was released at anime expo 2018 so you should definitely check it out.

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1. Jump Force (February 2019)

This is one of the most highly anticipated games of this year and is all set to release on 15th Feb, 2019. It is the most anticipated anime game. The game features multiple characters from various popular anime. Gamers will be able to control characters like Naruto, Goku, Monkey D. Luffy, etc. The story revolves around the collision of various shounen universes with the real world thus bringing various popular characters from various universes at the same place. Humanity is now also being invaded by mind-controlled villainous army by the name of Venom. Their leader is Kane and Galena. to protect humanity from the threat of Venom the creation of ‘Jump Force’, containing various heroes, takes place under the leadership of Director Glover. But it seems that someone is using both the Jump Force and the Venoms for gaining a mysterious artifact.

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