6 Movies That Grossed More Than 100 Times Their Budgets

Every independent filmmaker must dream of this: Make a tiny budget movie that explodes at the box office and makes millions of dollars. But strangely, if you look at the history of the filmmakers who had stupendous success at the box office with their tiny movies, not many made a mark later in their careers. For example, what happened to the director of ‘The Blair Witch Project and ‘Paranormal Activity’? They still must be making movies, but nobody knows them.  In any case, today we are going to look at movies that ideally — each one of them — should be placed on Guinness Book of World Records. Most of the movies struggle to make twice their budget, but these grossed more than 100 times their budget. Take a look:

1. The Blair Witch Project (1999)

Total Box Office: $248,639,099

Budget: $60,000


2. Tarnation (2004)

Total Box Office: $592,234

Budget: $220


3. Paranormal Activity (2007)

Profit: $193,355,000

Budget: $15,000


4. The Gallows (2015)

Total Box Office: $43,864,410

Budget: $100,000


5.  Rocky (1975)

Profit: $234,00,000

Budget: $1,000,000


6. The Devil Inside (2012)

Profit: $101,758,490

Budget: $1,000,000