Full List of Movies Releasing in January 2018

Below is the full list of movies coming out in January 2018. The list includes details like Release dates, Cast, Plot, and Director.

January 1

Silver Lake

Cast: Martin StarrDeborah Ann WollBailey Chase

Studio: Pace Pictures

NiGenre: Comedy

Director: Sean McGinly

Writer:Sean McGinly

Plot: Unknown  IMDb  


Sonoran Coast

Cast: Tyler BotmaZachary JenkinsSalvatore Ruvo

Studio: Unknown

Genre: Crime

Director: John Blankenship 

Writer: John Blankenship

Plot:  Unknown. IMDb 


Dark Iris

Cast: KateLynn E. NewberryMarylee Osborne,Rebekah Hart Franklin

Studio: I71MoviesGhost Entertainment

Genre: Sci-FiThriller

Director: Derek Talib

Writers: Derek Talib (creator), Derek Talib

Plot:  Iris is haunted by a mysterious stalker and her own dreams. FBI agents surround Iris while bodies stack up around her. A modern day Dr. Jekyll and Ms. Hyde, Iris tries to survive as she is hunted by the very agency that created her  IMDb 



Cast:  Batya CruzMaia KavchakGarret Caillouet

Studio:  Bone DeepFilm Forge StudiosFilm Forge

Genre: Thriller

Director: Matthew Ryan Anderson

Writer: Horace Wilson

Plot: A violent patient escapes an asylum to exact her revenge on a unsuspecting young couple. IMDb 


Traces of Indignity

Cast: Kris LloydMichelle SanfordJessica Osborn

Studio: ClassA Entertainment

Genre: Drama

Director: Renee Williams

Writer: Renee Williams

Plot:  TRACES OF INDIGNITY follows an accomplished Author, Public Speaker, Wife and Mother who has achieved much fame and fortune by focusing on family, sharing knowledge and wisdom of success and encouraging others to always do the right thing and good things will come to you. Dr. Augusta Weber has traveled the world over promoting her books and DVDs and selling out public speaking events. She is a retired College Professor who is greatly admired by all. Dr. Weber is supported by her 2 daughters, Dova and Gail, her husband Neil and her Publicist Sonya. Although Dr. Weber is an advocate for being straight-forward, open and honest, she is protecting a deep, dark secret that has plagued her for years. An aggressive journalist, Ruby, is determined to denounce Dr. Weber’s character by uncovering the truth and scoring the next big story. As Dr. Weber begins her second tour for her latest best selling novel, she and her family fall victim to stalking and media backlash that ultimately leads her to. IMDb 



Cast: Zach NycumAnnie BulowKelly Barker

Studio: Unknown

Genre: Thriller

Director: Jake Rapp

Writer: Manda Mikala

Plot: Unknown  IMDb 


The Girl on the Beach

Cast:  Tiara ParkerDean EnglandMichael Sandoval

Studio: Unknown

Genre: Thriller

Director: Detdrich McClure

Writer: Detdrich McClure

Plot: Unknown IMDb 


Creeps 2

Cast:  Patrick BryerJohnny DickieTara Kasp

Studio: Unknown

Genre: Horror

Director: Jack Mulvanerty

Writer: Jack Mulvanerty

Plot:  Unknown IMDb 


Calm Me Down, I’ve Been So Uptight

Cast: Eric ChandlerBridgette BassaLibbie Higgins

Studio:  History In The Making EntertainmentPharoah FIlmworks

Genre: Comedy

Directors:  Eric ChandlerMaranda Fritchey

Writer:  Eric Chandler

Plot: Unknown IMDb 


Salt City

Cast: Clare LopezDerrick WhittFox Applegate

Studio: Independent Release

Genre: Comedy

Director:  James D. Froio

Writers: Brandin FennessyJames D. Froio

Plot: An eccentric 28 year old searches his hometown of Syracuse NY for his ex-lover. Throughout the day he encounters several Salt City freaks. IMDb 


Sweet Rice

Cast:  Emily MuggletonApril RockBriana Roy

Studio: Unknown, Limited Release

Genre: Family

Director: Isabella Issa

Writer: Isabella Issa

Plot: Unknown IMDb 


Land of Smiles

Cast: Alexandra TurshenKeenan HensonCaitlin Stryker

Studio: Stryke-Force Films

Genre: AdventureHorrorThriller

Director: Bradley Stryker

Writer: Bradley Stryker

Plot: An American tourist unknowingly becomes an object of obsession as she searches for her kidnapped best friend in ThailandIMDb 


The Creatress

Cast: Lindy Booth, Fran Drescher, Luke Guldan

Genre: Drama, Thriller

Studio: Cafe Oscuro Films, Digital Cuvee
Director: Jason Cook

Writer:Jason Cook

Plot: Young, bestselling author Eryn Bellow concludes her bookstore tour with her agent selling film rights and closing a six figure advance for her follow-up. Headwinds arise as critics get offended by the claims that Eryn is being declared a living literary legend. The storm gathers force as the assaults gravitate from bad reviews to a fake-memoir designed to obliterate her from the field. Through the noise, Eryn attempts to write her way out of the public fray, and reclaim her voice in the minds of her readers. Along the way, she hopes to prove a happy ending is not always a bad thing.


Benjamin’s Crossing

Cast: Colin Firth

Studio: ArtImage Entertainment, Fortitude International

Genre: Drama, Thriller

Director:  Pat O’Connor

Writers: Devon Jersild, Jay Parini

Plot:  The story depicts the harrowing flight of Walter Benjamin, one of the great philosophers of the 20th century, from Nazi occupation of Paris in the opening days of World War II, through his frantic escape over the Pyrenees.


January 5


Cast: Heather FairbanksTroy Randall-Kilpatrick,Walker Fairbanks

Studio: Crooked Limb Studio & Productions

Genre: DramaHorror

Director: Mark France

Writer: Mark France

Plot: Unknown IMDb  


The Strange One

Cast: Alex PettyferJames Freedson-JacksonEmily Althaus

Studio: Vertical Entertainment

Genre: Drama, Thriller

Director: Christopher RadcliffLauren Wolkstein

Writer: Christopher Radcliff

Plot: Mysterious events surround two travelers as they make their way across a remote American landscape. On the surface all seems normal, but what appears to be a simple vacation soon gives way to a dark and complex web of secrets.



Cast: Dezmond Mears

Studio: Sandstorm FX & Productions 

Genre: Horror

Director: Mark France

Writer: Mark France

Plot: Unknown IMDb 


La Vida Que Elegimos

CastAdalid ChávezAlan GarcíaHugo Medina

Studio: RK Films 

Genre: ComedyDrama

Director: Rocke Killingan

Writer: Rocke Killingan

Plot: Sara loses her parents, which forces her to go to a corner of prostitution,where she meets Marcela, a transgender woman. When Marcela finds out that Sara is a virgin, she decides to protect her, knowing it will get her into trouble with her bosses if they find out. IMDb 



CastDominic CooperAustin StowellGemma Chan

Studio: Momentum Pictures

Genre: Action, Thriller

Director:  Simon West

Writer: Warren Davis II

Plot: A British Special Boat Service commando tracks down an international terrorist cell.


Insidious: The Last key

Cast: Lin Shaye, Leigh Whannell, Angus Sampson

Studio: Universal Pictures / Blumhouse Productions

Genre: Horror, Thriller

Director: Adam Robitel

Writer: Leigh Whannell

Plot: Parapsychologist Dr. Elise Rainier faces her most fearsome and personal haunting yet – in her own family home.  IMDb 


January 6

Beyond the Known World

Cast: David WenhamEmmanuelle Béart,Chelsie Preston Crayford

Studio: Reservoir FilmsJungle Book EntertainmentDaydream Productions

Genre: Drama

Director: Pan Nalin

Writer: Dianne Taylor

Plot: Recently divorced Carl and Julie are not on good terms. When their 19-year-old daughter goes missing in India, they must journey into the Himalayas in search for her. IMDb 


January 7

Girls! Girls! Girls! Or: As Tammy Withers Away

Cast: Stephen CrossSara TomkoCaitlin Van Zandt

Studio: Irish F-ing Attitude

Genre: Thriller

Director: TJP

Writer: TJP

Plot: In this colorful, dark comedy, Ron, a man numb to his life, goes on a quest to find his purpose. Fueled by his favorite French Film, “Girls. Girls. Girls!” Ron encounters many different types of women that help him surrender to his own greatness IMDb 


Children Of a Dark Sun

Cast: Not Revealed

Studio: Unknown

Genre: Crime

Director: Raul Urreola

Writer: Raul Urreola

Plot: Unknown IMDb 


January 8

Runnin’ From My Roots

Cast: Janine TurnerLeigh-Allyn BakerPatrick Muldoon

Studio: Silver Lining PicturesTake Two Films (II) 

Genre: Drama

Director: Nancy Criss 

Writers: Kenneth Lemm (extra scenes), Kenneth Lemm (screenplay)

Plot: Following a very public fall from grace, country music star Faith Winters seeks refuge in her rural Texas hometown, where she rediscovers feelings for her high school sweetheart, the local pastor. But the homecoming is bittersweet. IMDb 



Cast: Tucker VaughnLandon PowersPorter Edwards

Studio: Unknown

Genre: Action

Director: Bryson Sams

Writers: Unknown

Plot: Jason Thomas gathers a team of people from other universes, to help him save the Multiverse. IMDb 


January 9

The Beyond

Cast: David BailieJane PerryBrian Deacon

Studio: Ground ControlHaZ FilmHaZ VFX 

Genre: HorrorSci-Fi

Director: Hasraf Dulull

Writer: Hasraf Dulull

Plot: Set in 2019, The Beyond chronicles the groundbreaking mission which sent astronauts – modified with advanced robotics, through a newly discovered wormhole known as the Void. When the mission returns unexpectedly, the space agency races to discover what the astronauts encountered on their first of its kind interstellar space journey. IMDb 


Graine Uaile- The Movie

Cast: Fionnuala CollinsCiaron DaviesPeter Cosgrove

Studio: Loose Gripp Films

Genre: Action

Director: Ciaron Davies

Writer: Ciaron Davies

Plot: The life of Grainne Uaile, the 16th century Pirate Queen from Ireland. IMDb 


January 10

Remote Viewing

Cast: Sarah AgorTim DaxStuart Paul

Studio: Lars Productions

Genre: Mystery

Director: Stuart Paul

Writer: Stuart Paul

Plot: Unknown IMDb 


Dr. Jekyll Better Hide

Cast: Paris DylanMorten HolstAlex Trewhitt

Studio: SP Entertainment

Genre: Thriller

Director: Stuart Paul

Writer: Stuart Paul

Plot: Unknown IMDb


January 12

Saturday Church

Cast: Margot BinghamRegina TaylorMarquis Rodriguez

Studio: Spring PicturesRound Films

Genre: DramaFantasyMusical

Director: Damon Cardasis

Writer: Damon Cardasis

Plot: A 14 year old boy, struggling with gender identity and religion, begins to use fantasy to escape his life in the inner city and find his passion in the process. IMDb 


A Demon Within

Cast: Charlene AmoiaClinton HummelPatricia Ashley

Studio: Zoe and Pebbles Productions

Genre: Horror

Directors: Ayush BankerJustin LaReau

Writers: Ayush BankerMichelle Beyda-Scott

Plot: A skeptical, small town doctor is forced to confront his personal demons in order to save the life of a teenage girl who has become possessed in his family’s old house. IMDb 



Cast: Tony Ramos WrightMaureen VlacoStephanie Eaton

Studio: Angelwood PicturesShoot the Moon Films

Genre: Drama

Directors: Seth ChitwoodCurtis Reid

Writer: Seth Chitwood

Plot: A detective with Alzheimer’s disease begins to have second thoughts about a suspect on death row when his execution is scheduled in a few days. IMDb 


Condorito: The Movie

Cast: Omar ChaparroJessica CedielCristián de la Fuente

Studio: Lionsgate

Genre: Animation

Director: Alex OrrelleEduardo Schuldt

Writers: Martín PiroyanskyIshai Ravid

Plot: Condorito embarks in a hilarious adventure to save the planet and his loved ones from an evil alien.


Proud Mary

Cast: Taraji P. Henson, Billy Brown, Danny Glover

Studio: Screen Gems

Genre: Action, Thriller

Director: Babak Najafi

Writers: John S. Newman, Christian Swegal

Plot: Taraji P. Henson is Mary, a hitwoman working for an organized crime family in Boston. Mary’s life is completely turned around when she meets a young boy whose path she crosses when a professional hit goes awry. IMDb 


The Commuter

Cast: Liam Neeson, Vera Farmiga, Sam Neill, Patrick Wilson, Elizabeth McGovern, Jonathan Banks

Studio: Lionsgate / StudioCanal

Genre: Action, Thriller

Director: Jaume Collet-Serra

Writers: Byron Willinger, Philip de Blasi

Plot: A businessman is caught up in a criminal conspiracy during his daily commute home. IMDb 


Paddington 2

Cast:  Ben WhishawHugh GrantHugh Bonneville

Studio: Warner Bros.

Genre: Animation

Director: Paul King

Writers: Paul King, Simon Farnaby

Plot: Paddington, now happily settled with the Brown family and a popular member of the local community, picks up a series of odd jobs to buy the perfect present for his Aunt Lucy’s 100th birthday, only for the gift to be stolen.


January 14

The Bend

Cast: Doug HutchisonMichael MadsenScott Schwartz

Studio: DTLA Entertainment GroupM3G PicturesSay-O-Productions

Genre: MysteryThriller

Director: Ricky Borba

Writers: Isak BorgDena Hysell

Plot: Persistent tragedy has befallen a small town. Will putting an end to a family’s violent past stop the suffering? Only a night of reckoning in The Bend will tell. IMDb 


January 15

The Same Sky

Cast: Not Revealed

Studio: Konwiser BrothersUnited Pictures GroupDark Forest Films

Genre: Drama

Director: Jeffrey Kramer

Writer: Jeffrey Kramer

Plot: Unknown IMDb 


They’re Inside

Cast: Karli HallAmanda Kathleen WardSascha Ghafoor

Studio: Masterfully Macabre EntertainmentScratch Tap Productions

Genre: Horror

Director: John-Paul Panelli

Writers: Schuyler Brumley (story by), Schuyler Brumley

Plot: Unknown IMDb 



Cast: Jenny HuttonJoe O’DellMark Child

Studio: Unknown

Genre: Drama

Director: Joe O’Dell

Writer: Jak Hardy

Plot: After a year of mourning a desperate alcoholic returns to the wrecked car where his wife and son died in a drunkin car accident only to find. IMDb 


January 18

Mary and the Witch’s Flower

Cast: Hana SugisakiRyûnosuke KamikiYûki Amami

Studio: Altitude Film Distribution [United Kingdom]

Genre: AnimationAdventure

Director: Hiromasa Yonebayashi

Writers: Mary Stewart (novel) (as Mearî Suchuâtô),Riko Sakaguchi (screenplay)

Plot: Based on The Little Broomstick by Mary Stewart, a strange flower grants a girl magic powers. IMDb 



Cast: Karine TelesOtávio MüllerAdriana Esteves

Studio: Bubbles ProjectTV ZeroBaleia Filmes

Genre: Anime

Director: Gustavo Pizzi

Writers: Gustavo PizziKarine Teles

Plot: Irene has only a few days to surpass the anxiety and discover a new strength before sending her eldest son away to the world. IMDb 


Point Man

Cast: Branden CobbAcorye’ WhiteAdam Brudnicki

Studio: MBG FilmsHawk9 ProductionsStarring Entertainment

Genre: Action

Director: Phil Blattenberger

Writer: Phil Blattenberger

Plot: Set in Vietnam’s in April 1968 – three months after the tide-turning Tet Offensive and one month after the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. – Point Man is the story of a U.S. Army fire team fractured by racial tensions, moral crises, and the crushing pressures of combat in a war nobody wants to fight. Andre “Casper” Allen, a rough-edged ideologue finds his radical politics put him at odds with the squad’s machine gunner, Silas Meeks. When their search-and-destroy mission in the Mekong Delta goes terribly wrong, both men find themselves pitted against each other and their recalcitrant platoon commander, Lieutenant Sutter. Point men die like flies in the bush, and as loyalties dissolve every step forward comes with a price. IMDb 


January 19

Heel Kick!

Cast: Danny MacChris WilcoxCooper Bibaud

Studio: Rebel Arcade

Genre: ComedySport

Directors: Danny MacIan MacDougall

Writer: Danny Mac

Plot: Two backyard wrestlers decide to go pro. Unfortunately for them, they suck. IMDb 


Den of Thieves 

Cast: Gerard Butler, 50 Cent, Pablo Schreiber, O’Shea Jackson Jr., Evan Jones, Dawn Olivieri, Mo McRae, Max Holloway

Studio: STX Entertainment

Genre: Heist, Action, Thriller

Director: Christian Gudegast

Writers: Christian Gudegast, Paul Scheuring

Plot: While planning a bank heist, a thief gets trapped between two sets of criminals. IMDb 



Cast: Manny PerezCelines ToribioEvelyna Rodriguez

Studio: Instagram oficial

Genre: ComedyRomance

Director: Frank Perozo

Writers: Jose Ramon AlamaJosé Pastor

Plot:  A coffee grower, single at almost 40, decides to search for the only thing lacking in his life: love.


The Open House

Cast: Dylan MinnettePiercey DaltonSharif Atkins

Studio: Unknown

Genre: HorrorThriller

Directors: Matt AngelSuzanne Coote 

Writers: Matt AngelSuzanne Coote

Plot: A teenager (Minnette) and his mother (Piercey Dalton) find themselves besieged by threatening forces when they move into a new house. IMDb 


The Leisure Seeker

Cast: Helen MirrenDonald SutherlandKirsty Mitchell

Studio: Indiana Production CompanyBac FilmsRai Cinema

Genre: AdventureComedyDrama

Director: Paolo Virzì

Writers: Michael Zadoorian (novel), Stephen Amidon (screenplay)

Plot: A runaway couple go on an unforgettable journey in the faithful old RV they call The Leisure Seeker. IMDb 


12 Strong

Cast: Chris HemsworthMichael ShannonWilliam Fichtner

Studio: Alcon EntertainmentBlack Label MediaJerry Bruckheimer Films

Genre: ActionDramaHistory

Director: Nicolai Fuglsig

Writers: Ted TallyPeter Craig

Plot: 12 Strong tells the story of the first Special Forces team deployed to Afghanistan after 9/11; under the leadership of a new captain, the team must work with an Afghan warlord to take down the Taliban. IMDb 


Mom and Dad

Cast: Nicolas CageSelma BlairLance Henriksen

Studio: Armory FilmsZeal Media

Genre: HorrorThriller

Director: Brian Taylor

Writer: Brian Taylor

Plot: A teenage girl and her little brother must survive a wild 24 hours during which a mass hysteria of unknown origins causes parents to turn violently on their own kids. IMDb 


Forever My Girl

Cast: Alex RoeJessica RotheJohn Benjamin Hickey

Studio: Armory FilmsZeal Media

Genre: Romance, Drama

Director: Bethany Ashton Wolf

Writer: Bethany Ashton Wolf

Plot: After being gone for a decade a country star returns home to the love he left behind.


January 26

Maze Runner:The Death Cure

Cast: Dylan O’Brien, Kaya Scodelario, Thomas Brodie-Sangster, Ki Hong Lee, Giancarlo Esposito, Aidan Gillen, Barry Pepper, Will Poulter, Patricia Clarkson

Studio: 20th Century Fox

Genre: Action, Sci-Fi, Thriller

Director: Wes Ball

Writer: T.S. Nowlin

Plot: Young hero, Thomas, embarks on a mission to find a cure to a deadly disease known as the “Flare” IMDb 


White Boy Rick

Cast: Richie Merritt, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Bruce Dern, Bel Powley, Piper Laurie, Matthew McConaughey

Studio: Columbia Pictures

Genre: Crime, Drama

Director: Yann Demange

Writers: Logan Miller, Noah Miller, Andy Weiss

Plot: The story of teenager Richard Wershe Jr., who became an undercover informant for the FBI during the 1980s and was ultimately arrested for drug-trafficking and sentenced to life in prison. IMDb