11 Movies Like Never Been Kissed You Must See

Some films are made for critics. Most others are made for audiences. ‘Never Been Kissed’ certainly belongs to the latter category. Critically panned when it first released in 1999, the film has since then developed a cult following. People, especially those who were in late teens and early twenties when the film released, still remember it very fondly. That’s primarily why they the film has never been forgotten.

‘Never Been Kissed’, as you might already know, is the story of Josie Geller, an insecure 25-year-old copy editor, who is assigned her to do an undercover report at a high school to help parents become more aware of their children’s lives. At the high school, Josie develops a crush on her English teacher, Sam Coulson, and becomes the top student in his class. What follows is Josie’s journey of finding her first love. Drew Barrymore in the central role of Josie is as charming as an actor can get. It as if she was born to play Josie.

It is obvious that since you are reading this, you are certainly looking for recommendations of movies similar to Never Been Kissed. Worry not! You are at the right place. Here’s the list for your pleasure and convenience. You can watch several of these movies like Never Been Kissed on Netflix, Hulu or Amazon Prime.

11. Love Actually (2003)

Romantic comedies don’t get better than this. ‘Love Actually’ follows the lives of eight couples and their romantic/personal lives. Set in the month before Christmas in London, ‘Love Actually’ is all about falling in love and heartbreak, meeting the right person and making mistakes. Emma Thompson, Liam Neeson, Colin Firth, Keira Knightly and Martin Freeman are just some of the many wonderful actors that brought this movie to life. Think of ‘Love Actually’ as several mini Never Been Kissed amalgamated in one movie. It is the perfect movie to watch along with your loved ones.

10. Someone Like You…(2001)

Hugh Jackman features in this comedy romance as a change and has all of our jaws dropped on the floor. Ashley Judd plays Jane Goodall, a TV show producer who is looking forward to settling in her life. After her stint of relationship with another executive producer, who dumps her prior to them moving in together, Jane writes an article about men and how the problematic men nowadays shy away from giving love to those who need it and compares their behaviour with animals – a bull never mounts the same cow despite however nice the cow is. Eddie is a womanizer who is looking for a roommate and Jane shows her interest, and thus begins a wildly crazy love story of two polar opposites. Although easily predictable, ‘Someone Like You…’ is still a great feel-good movie.

9. Drinking Buddies (2013)

Kate and Luke are two co-workers at a brewery who could otherwise have been a perfect couple. However, there’s one tiny problem – they are both in relationships. While Kate is dating Chris, Luke is attracted to Jill who is hell-bent on her marriage plans. Kate and Luke seem to be doomed to remain friends despite a strong attraction towards each other. But everything changes when they spend one weekend away together with their significant others, drinking and skinny dipping all the while.

Starring Olivia Wilde and Jake Johnson, “Drinking Buddies” is a light-hearted chick flick with realistic characters, a good soundtrack, and clever humour. It focuses on relationship dynamics and conversations between partners, friends, and co-workers. This movie deserves a spot on this list because it is not another generic and predictable Hollywood drama/comedy.

8. I Give It a Year (2013)

A British drama to begin with, ‘I Give It a Year’ has names in the cast like Rose Byrne, Simon Baker et al in its star cast. Byrne plays Nat Redfern, an outspoken, zealous girl who has been married to writer Josh (played by Rafe Spall). Despite their differences, Nat and Josh have been married seven months. However, their friends and family are not convinced their marriage is going to last a year. Will they be right? “I Give It a Year” is a modern romantic comedy for fans of “500 Days of Summer” and ‘Never Been Kissed’. Writer-director Dan Mazer has done a wonderful job at creating a movie which is both quirky and delightful in its own ways.

7. A Case of You (2013)

Featuring Justin Long in one of the leading character-roles as Sam, ‘A Case of You’ is a classic case of the guilty pleasure to woo someone only to later regret one’s choices. Sam is a young writer who decides to create a fake identity and shape himself into the ideal man for a street artist Birdie (Evan Rachel Wood). However, he finds himself in a difficult situation when she starts to fall for him and he has to keep up the charade, however difficult it may seem for him. “A Case of You” is a quirky and sweet romantic comedy with a funny script and some memorable moments. That, combined with good performances by Justin Long and Evan Rachel Wood, makes this one an entertaining and wholesome ride.

6. Amélie (2001)

A French rom-com to begin with, ‘Amélie’ is one of the highest earning French movies of all time, the performances, the countless awards and accolades it has won and was nominated for, including Academy, BAFTA, Cesar Awards, European Film Awards, the French Syndicate to name a few and the humour. The plot surrounds Amélie, a loner with weird parents who has vivid imaginations and a good amount of social awkwardness. As she begins working as a waitress at a cafe, she goes places, seeks adventurism and strives to make the lives of people around her better, along with hers of course. The simplistic narrative of a teenage girl who is trying to be happy by making others happy is nothing short of impressive and heartwarming at the same time. ‘Amélie’ is a blessing in disguise, whether one takes it or skips it altogether it up to them. The film may not be similar to Never Been Kissed in terms of story, but both the films share a good natured vibe.

5. Southside With You (2016)

‘A very unconventional choice for ‘Never Been Kissed’ fans, but trust us, you are going to love this film. Southside With You’ revolves around the love story between former president of the United States, Barack Obama, and the former First Lady, Michelle Obama. We follow them in the summer of 1989 on their first date, in Chicago, where outside a Baskin Robins, they share a kiss which has been commemorated with a plaque. Besides having a beautiful love story, this film also tackles important and interesting topics like racism and the social stigmas in the US during the eighties. Although it lacks the over-the-top drama associated with rom-coms, it still manages to be compelling thanks to an excellent screenplay. It stars Tika Sumpter and Parker Sawyers as Michelle Robinson and Barack Obama respectively.

4. How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days (2003)

A seasoned “How to..” writer who has dealt with women’s issues in the past, pens an article called ‘How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days’ after her friend’s breakup. Benjamin Barry and Andie Anderson may seem a normal couple. However, that is not the case. Before they started dating, Benjamin bets that he could make a woman fall in love with him in ten days. On the other hand, Andie was assigned to write her titular article for the magazine company she works for.

Kate Hudson and Matthew McConaughey are not only extremely funny but also have great chemistry together. It is because of their on-screen perfect pairing that “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days” quickly became a huge success and an instant classic of the chick flick genre. If you want an entertaining and witty movie, with great performances and freshness in the storyline, you should watch it right away!

3. Step Up (2006)

More often than not, ‘Step Up’ is regarded as the first big breakthrough of Channing Tatum, after which he went on to appear in many dance musicals. The uncontested mother of all the dance movies back when it wasn’t much of a fad, ‘Step Up’ follows a very simplistic storyline – Tyler is a hip-hop dancer who, along with his friends break into a school and vandalize the property. When caught, he takes full blame and is awarded 200 hours of community service at the school. Nora is an aspiring professional dancer who finds it difficult to continue with her dance routine after her partner Andrew hurts his ankle, Tyler offers to help and there begins a classic love and dance affair one cannot forget. Although the dancing wasn’t “enough” for many of the critics and neither it have a compelling storyline, what the film does have is charm. And that’s what you are going to love about the film.

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2. Up in the Air (2009)

Our effort here is to bring to you as many unconventional choices as possible. So, instead of offering you just a bunch of rom-coms sharing similarities with Never Been Kissed, we are also trying to recommend some really good adult dramas. And ‘Up in the Air’ is one of those films. Ryan Bingham is a frequent traveller; his job is to help his employer with termination assistance a.k.a. to make the process of “firing” smoother. Given his job, he doesn’t stay at one place or one hotel and keeps earning flyer miles, thanks to his travel frequency. He meets up with Alex in one of his frequent travels and enters into a casual relationship with her. Enter Natalie, a new entrant into Ryan’s office who begins cost cutting by eliminating Ryan’s travel budget and asking him to work via teleconferencing. How Ryan copes up with his new found colleague and how he becomes the youngest person to earn ten million flyer miles  forms the gist of the movie. But at film’s center is the romance between Ryan and Alex. A must see.

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1. Before We Go (2014)

Another unconventional choice that we are sure Never Been Kissed fans are going to love. A street musician spends a night with a woman, who missed her train from New York to Boston, trying to help her make it back home before her husband does. Throughout the night they learn a lot about one another and eventually find a romance blooming between them. ‘Before We Go’ is a very intelligent, honest and charming film that is a sort of rare gem nowadays. It is intimate and genuine, with a refreshing ending. Actors Chris Evans and Alice Eve do a pretty good job handling a funny but touching story.

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