12 Unexpected Nude Scenes in Movies

Nudity in cinema is not uncommon. Depending on the context, nudity can help add a lot of meaning and realism to the film. But like pretty much anything else you need a good filmmaker to make you realize how it plays a key role to the story . We’re not talking about a two hour skin show but what the filmmaker needs to understand is where to place the nude scenes, for how long and how does it help the film. There are times when we felt genuinely surprised by nude scenes in certain films because we might not have really anticipated one. But sometimes it works so well and otherwise it just comes off as off tone or terribly out of place. With all that said now, let’s take a look at the list of top movies you might not have expected to have nude scenes

12. Before Midnight (2013)

This might not technically qualify as a nude scene but nevertheless it’s very surprising. Richard Linklater’s ‘Before’ movies were all pretty straightforward with just the couple walking and talking throughout and filmed almost entirely in real time. However, the famous love scene where Jesse and Celine go back to the hotel to make love which later turns into a long heated argument was a genuinely surprising moment in the film considering the first two movies did not even have an explicit scene. Delpy remains topless for a major part of the argument which gives the scene a perfectly realistic tone.

11. Airplane! (1980)

‘Airplane’ is an endlessly funny movie that just never gets old. You could probably watch this, like, 50 years later and it would still feel fresh and absorbing. That’s how timeless this film is. However, it is very much adult in terms of the content as there are quite a few visually explicit scenes. The one that’s most talked about is the one where the plane begins to sense some kind of a jerk and turbulence and then we see a pair of breasts fed right on to the camera. It’s bizarre, funny, surprising but fits well with the hysteric tone of the film.

10. Barry Lyndon (1975)

It’s surprising how a Stanley Kubrick film could turn out be something that you could watch peacefully with your family . There is no adult content in ‘Barry Lyndon’ and neither are themes it deals with disturbing or unsettling unlike ‘A Clockwork Orange’ or ‘The Shining’ or ‘Eyes Wide Shut’. However the real surprise package comes in when Barry is seen making out with two topless women. It’s genuinely surprising considering the film’s fable like quality that almost gives you an impression of reading a book with beautiful images.

9. The Big Lebowski (1998)

‘The Big Lebowski’ is simply one of the coolest films ever made. It’s one of those rare films that you could watch anytime regardless of the mood you’re in and it works so well every time. But there’s a big surprise in the film where Julianne Moore (That woman again!) makes a flying entry in the famous painting scene and completely shocks us and the Dude as she strips off for a moment and walks towards the Dude asking if the “female form” makes him uncomfortable. It’s a surprising moment as we are truly shocked by the way which she just turns around completely naked.

8. The Fifth Element (1997)

You couldn’t imagine anything even remotely connected to nudity in this Luc Bresson directed Sci-fi action flick. You could almost watch this with your family except for a few scenes, most notably the famous one where Milla Jovovich is seen laying naked completely. What’s really shocking is that the film is actually PG rated and so this scene really comes off as shocking when you’re watching with your parents. You couldn’t possibly say that the scene was unnecessary for the film because it pretty much fit in the context well.

7. Short Cuts (1993)

Another long nude argument scene. Nudity isn’t really uncommon in Robert Altman’s films but the scene in ‘Short Cuts’ where Julianne Moore has a long argument with her husband about her infidelity and the whole happens as she dries her panties while remaining bottomless for almost the entire part. It’s hilarious yet somewhat embarrassing considering the context of the scene especially when her husband shouts, “You don’t have any panties on.” It’s just amazing when such a scene pops out of nowhere.

6. Antichrist (2009)

Lars Von Trier is a master at subverting his viewers and shocking them profoundly. So we have a story about a couple grieving the death of their little boy. Now, who the hell who would think sex and violence here? That’s right. No one else except Lars Von Trier. ‘Antichrist’ is a hugely provocative film that explores the darkness of the human psyche and its frightening extremities. There are many nude scenes in the film but the one that’s truly stunning, provocative and wildly passionate is the opening scene where the couple are scene making mad love in a bathroom where the act is visually depicted.

5. Something’s Gotta Give (2003)

Of course, you could call ‘Something’s Gotta Give’ as an adult romantic comedy but one would really expect a complete nude scene here. However, it’s a very short scene where Nicholson gets confused with the rooms and enter’s Diane Keaton’s room to find her completely naked as she’s changing clothes. She screams out and Nicholson backs away, utterly embarrassed. It’s very surprising moment and you wouldn’t see it coming but Nancy Meyers rafts the scene in such a way that makes it feel so genuinely charming and funny without coming off as off tone or out of place.

4. Munich (2005)

With ‘Munich’, Spielberg stuck his middle finger up to those who criticized him of his overly melodramatic approach in film. I have no qualms in calling ‘Munich’ as one of the most disturbing films ever made. This was an entirely different side of Steven Spielberg that we never really saw before. This is what makes the shootout scene in the film one of the most genuinely shocking and devastating movie scenes of all time. The team plans to avenge the death of one of their friends by murdering the woman who gave the go ahead. They track her on a houseboat and she is completely shocked by their entry. She slowly takes off her robe but is shot just below her neck and then finishes her off by shooting one straight to the head. By this time, she is almost entirely naked and as the team is about to leave, Eric Bana’s character tries to cover her body with the robe but the other guy asks him to leave her body as it is. This is just as raw and powerful as cinema can get.

3. Kramer vs Kramer (1979)

‘Kramer vs Kramer’ is easily among the greatest family dramas ever made. It’s beautifully crafted with such tenderness and humanity that it just melts your heart every time. However, the film also features one of the most embarrassing scenes in the history of cinema. When Hoffman’s 5 year old boy goes to the bathroom, JoBeth Williams walks out of the room completely naked and is shocked to see the boy standing right in front of her. The boy clearly doesn’t know who she is as she tries to cover her body in utter embarrassment whilst speaking to him. Apparently, it was meant to be a comic scene that was intended as a moment of lightheartedness and charm in an otherwise tense drama but it just feels so badly out of place.

2. Any Given Sunday (1999)

Oliver Stone’s ‘Any Given Sunday’ is a decent sports drama with a shouty Pacino hamming his way through the entire film, trying to motivate his screwed up team. The film itself isn’t that great anyway but there’s a shockingly embarrassing scene where Cameron Diaz’ character walks into the locker room where the players are changing and are all standing naked. Diaz shakes hands with Jamie Foxx who is also naked but the camera doesn’t reveal it entirely here. However, the rest of the men seem pretty cool and are completely naked, making the scene very embarrassing which is clearly evident from Diaz’ expressions.

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1. Titanic (1997)

The image of a gorgeous Kate Winslet lying naked with her arms stretched wide open is one that’s imprinted in the memories of every kid who grew in the 90s. Not many were anticipating a complete nude scene in a disaster film but this was a big surprise package. Jack decides to do a portrait of her and she stripes off her clothes and lays down for the pose in one of the most heated moments of the film. It’s so beautifully shot with the lovely score playing in and while we expect a passionate sex scene, Cameron surprises us and keeps us waiting for a few more scenes.

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