Mr Inbetween Season 3 Episode 1: What to Expect?

Season 2 finale of ‘Mr Inbetween’ ends on an emotional note, with Ray killing his brother Bruce using a fatal injection to end his misery. He then sets his childhood home on fire with Bruce’s corpse inside it. In case you missed the last episode of season 2 for some reason, we recommend you go through our detailed recap to learn what’s happened so far. In case you’re looking for details about the premiere episode of season 3, we have got your back. Here’s everything you need to know!

Mr Inbetween Season 3 Episode 1 Release Date

‘Mr Inbetween’ season 3 episode 1 is all set to release on May 25, 2021, on FX at 10 pm ET/PT. The season premiere will be followed by episode 2, titled ‘Champ,’ at 10:30 pm ET/PT Each episode of the show is typically around 23-29 minutes long.

Where to Watch Mr Inbetween Season 3 Episode 1?

‘Mr Inbetween’ season 3 episode 1 is available for streaming on Hulu. However, one can also rent or purchase the season on VOD platforms like Vudu, iTunes, and Microsoft Store. For live streaming, you can use platforms like FuboTV, DirecTV, and SlingTV. Previous seasons of the show can also be purchased on YouTube and Amazon Prime Video.

Mr Inbetween Season 3 Episode 1 Spoilers

Episode 1 of season 3, titled ‘Coulda Shoulda,’ is likely to shed more light on how Ray’s relationship with his father is going to develop from here, considering Bruce, in his last days, tried his best to help him Ray let go of his past. Although he has been inflexible so far, there is still a chance that Ray may finally be able to forgive his father. We will also get to see how his family copes with the loss as Bruce was, in a way, the glue that held the family together. The official synopsis reads – “If your mistakes lead to your death, how can you learn from them?” Here’s a trailer of the third season to give you an idea of what to expect from it!

Mr Inbetween Season 2 Finale Recap

‘Mr Inbetween’ season 2 episode 11 is titled ‘There Rust, and Let Me Die.’ It puts an end to the chapter of Bruce, in the most emotional way possible. Certain about his fate, Bruce spends more time with Brittany and his father, whom he decides to forgive for everything he had done in the past. He also tries to help Ray overcome past trauma so that he, too, can make peace with their father. But despite his best efforts, Bruce fails. Realizing he wants to be free from his pain, Bruce asks his brother to finally end his misery.

Before Ray honor’s his brother’s wish, Bruce proceeds to enjoy one final afternoon with his niece, letting her paint his nails and read Shakespeare together. Bruce hugs her for one last time, knowing that their journey with each other has come to an end. Bruce and Ray then visit their childhood home and discuss the hardships that they faced in childhood. They have a heart-to-heart conversation about life, and Bruce points out that we never truly die as our bodies are made up of matter which can never be destroyed but can only transform.

Their heartwarming conversation seems to indicate that Bruce is trying to offer his brother a perspective to help cope with the trauma that will haunt him after his death; however, Ray isn’t convinced. He then administers the injection and sets his childhood home on fire with his brother’s corpse in it. The house is linked to innumerable bitter memories from Ray’s past, and with the fresh wound that it has given him, it’s uncertain what will happen with Ray now.

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