Muhammad Ali Net Worth

How Much Was Muhammad Ali Worth? $80 million

How did Muhammad Ali earn his money and wealth?

Muhammad Ali was born in the year 1942 at Louisville in Kentucky, U.S. He was born with the name “Cassius Marcellus Clay Jr.” Being a professional boxer from America, Ali garnered huge attention as a renowned sports figure from the era of 20th century. He was also an activist. From the very beginning of his career, he gathered the tag of a controversial yet inspiring figure both outside and inside the ring where he played his matches.

Ali started training to be a boxer when he reached the age of 12. By the time he attained 18 years of age, he bagged the gold medal for the category of “Light Heavyweight division” during the Summer Olympics in the year 1960 that was held in the city of Rome. Post his success, Ali turned to professional boxing later in the year. In the year 1964, as he attained the age of 22, Ali obtained numerous titles from his fight against the player Sonny Liston like WBC, the WBA as well as the Lineal Heavyweight tag.

After this Ali adapted Islam and became Muhammad Ali from “Cassius Clay”. He also set great example for racial pride for the African American people while resisting the dominance by the white folks that occurred at the time of Civil Rights Movement. In the year 1966, Ali again went against the establishment by white people by denying fighting for the U.S. based military that was set for a war against Vietnam. He cited his religion based belief to be the cause of his denial to participate in the same. However, he was later arrested as he was found guilty of drafting evasion charges which stripped him of all his titles acquired during his career as a boxer.

Ali has always been regarded as the best heavyweight boxer when it comes to the ones in 20th century. He is still the only champion who won the Lineal Heavyweight category for three times. In the 1964, Ali was unmatched when it came to heavyweight champion. His record set at the age of 22 remained unbeaten for time span of 35 years. He had the most number of wins in the heavyweight based title bouts in the history of modern boxing.  Ali had to his credit two Grammy Award nominations for two spoken word albums hw had recorded as well as a rhythm and blues song.

However, the legendary boxer was diagnosed with a disease named “Parkinson’s” which was due to the brain injuries sustained from boxing. He left the world in the month of June in the year 2016. He was 74 years old at the time of his death.

What are the highest earnings of Muhammad Ali?

1-Fight against Joe Frazier (1971): $2.5 Million

2-Fight against George Foreman (1974): $5.45 Million

3-Fight against Larry Holmes (1980): $7.9 Million

4-Rights to name and image (2006): $50 Million

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