Murder in The Family With Geraldo Rivera: Release Date, Cast, Trailer, Spoilers, News

Fox News correspondent-at-large, reporter, and former talk show host Geraldo Rivera returns with the all-new true crime series ‘Murder in The Family with Geraldo Rivera’, produced by Treadmill Productions in association with EarthTouch, USA. It is bound to air early November this year, as Reelz network and internet outlet have confirmed. The fall slate, announced to TCA on July 26th this year, has revealed a plethora of new shows and specials along with just one repeat telecast. The lion’s share of these shows is preoccupied with two themes – crime and the lives of celebrities. In the new and exciting Geraldo Rivera-starter, a synthesis of both of these themes is present.

Murder in The Family with Geraldo Rivera Cast: Who’s in it?

Murder in The Family marks the return of US attorney, author, reporter and host Geraldo Rivera after a relative absence of months from the newsmagazine and TV talk show scene. Geraldo Rivera was a famous face in the early 90s as he was a regular reporter and talk show host on Fox News, holding the talk show ‘Geraldo’ from 1987 to 1998. “We’re excited to welcome Geraldo Rivera to Reelz as he brings a tremendous wealth of reporting experience and is the perfect host to show our viewers the powerful real stories of celebrities beset by misfortune in Murder in the Family with Geraldo Rivera”, says Steve Cheskin, SVP Programming at Reelz. Geraldo will play himself as the host/narratorial cue in Murder in The Family. Other than Geraldo, Matt Gulbranson and Patrick O’Neal are rumoured to star in one or more of the one-hour long episodes.

Murder in The Family with Geraldo Rivera Plot: What is it about?

In Murder in The Family with Geraldo Rivera, Geraldo Rivera is seen delving into some of the darkest but crucial moments that the life of a celebrity pivots around. This includes times such as the loss of a dearly loved family member, headlining as murder victims, or even the vice versa scenario when it is the family member on the other side of the table, who is the architect of the ultimate crime. Generally, when we think about celebrities, our thought revolves around the categories of talent, recognition, elite privilege and tremendous material success. Beyond the curtain and outside in the real world, however, the real lives of celebrities in the flesh is dipped into the same common pathos as any other human being. It is just as nuanced and susceptible to heart-breaking misfortunes that lurk around the corner, just waiting to happen.

The hour-long episodes will be portraying the real stories behind the tragedies that befell such figures such as Jennifer Hudson, Dylan McDermott, Kelsey Grammer, Donatella Versace, Woody Harrelson and Dave Navarro. They will be shone a light on with a new meticulous look into the crimes that tangled their lives, the investigations that ensued, the trials and the cathartic aftermath that stemmed from their life-changing events, and the resultant losses that potentially can make or break a person’s character. Bringing a dark twist to the ‘serialized lives of celebrities’ formula that hooks the audience with the introduction of almost ridiculous quirks and situations to the ordinary lives, the show brings the ‘reality’ to reality TV, all within the structure of an hour-long crime thriller. With these novel ideas, Murder in The Family with Geraldo Rivera is something to keep an eye out for if you like the True Crime genre.

Murder in The Family with Geraldo Rivera Release Date: When Will It Premiere?

As the Reelz fall slate announced to TCA on July 26th this year and confirmed, Murder in The Family with Gerald Rivera is all set for a premiere on November 3rd, 2018, Saturday, at 9 pm ET/6pm PT.

Murder in The Family with Geraldo Rivera Trailer

Unfortunately, as of September 2018, no trailer, teaser, or other promotional video content for Murder in The Family with Gerald Rivera has been released on the internet.