Murder on Middle Beach Finale: What’s in Store?

HBO’s ‘Murder on Middle Beach’ is a four-part documentary series directed by first-time filmmaker Madison Hamburg. It chronicles the life and death of his 48-year-old mother, Barbara Beach Hamburg, who, on March 3, 2010, was found murdered right outside their Connecticut home. Within this intriguing series, Madison himself investigates her mysterious case, interviewing all members of his family, who are the main suspects, in an attempt to find some concrete answers. But with the unearthing of some long-kept secrets, we, and Madison, are somehow left with more questions than before. So, let’s find out what’s in store for us next, shall we?

Murder on Middle Beach Episode 4 Release Date

‘Murder on Middle Beach’ episode 4, it’s finale episode, entitled ‘Reasonable Doubts,’ will premiere on December 6, 2020, at 10 p.m. ET, exactly a week after the release of its third episode, ‘Sisters.’

Murder on Middle Beach Episode 4 Spoilers

‘Reasonable Doubts’ will pick up right from where ‘Sisters’ left off – with Madison continuing his investigations into his mother’s murder by exploring all aspects of her personal and professional life. With the 10-year anniversary of Barbara’s death approaching, he will leave no stones unturned in his quest for truth. As he said, he’s coming for the perpetrator, and he won’t stop until he sees some justice be served. Despite concerns that his ways and his documentary will somehow do more harm than good, with this episode being the last one, Madison will continue to uncover evidence that will shock him and his entire family to their core.

Where to Stream Murder on Middle Beach Episode 4 Online?

With just a cable subscription, as ‘Murder on Middle Beach’ is an HBO original series, you can watch each new episode of it as it premiers on the channel at the above mentioned time. If you can’t do that, then you can always utilize your internet connection so as to not miss out on anything. After all, Episode 4 of ‘Murder on Middle Beach,’ ‘Reasonable Doubts’ will also be available on HBO’s official website, HBO Max, and on the HBO Go App. If this doesn’t suit your needs either, then you can stream the episode on Amazon Prime or HULU, with their HBO package add ons, after it finishes airing on cable.

Murder on Middle Beach Episode 3 Recap

Episode 3 of ‘Murder on Middle Beach,’ ‘Sisters’ follows Madison as he looks into his mother’s relationship with the two women who were probably closest to her at the time of her death; Conway Beach, her sister, and Ali Hamburg, her daughter. Conway’s troubles with alcoholism and drugs are the main focus in this episode, especially as it leads to her admitting that it caused a rift between the sisters at one point in time. This rift was so severe that Conway even thought of hiring a hitman to get rid of Barbara and her entire happy family back in the late-90s.

However, it is Ali Hamburg, Madison’s sister, who Conway suspects as being the one responsible for Barbara’s death. She says that Ali, who was just a high school teenager in 2010, was using alcohol, drugs, and boys to get what she wanted in life, so for her to kill her mother and then go to school as if nothing happened might not be all that farfetched. Madison, though, after carefully retracing what happened, doesn’t think that it’s possible. And so, even with everything that he’s discovered, he’s not much closer to finding out who killed Barbara Hamburg and why.

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