My Big Italian Adventure: Everything We Know

‘My Big Italian Adventure’ is HGTV’s home improvement show that takes us all the way to Italy! It follows acclaimed actress Lorraine Bracco, as she takes a break from Hollywood and embarks on her next gig — to revamp an old house in Sicily. But here is the catch! The star had bought the property for only one euro! However, there is a clause — the overhaul process needs to be finished within three years of purchase. So, what are the chances of Bracco owning a dream house in paradise? Our preview will give you the much-needed insights!

My Big Italian Adventure Season 1 Release Date:

‘My Big Italian Adventure’ season 1 releases on Friday, October 30, 2020, on HGTV, at 9 pm ET/PT and 8 pm CT. Each episode is available on the HGTV Go app on the same day and time as the tv premieres.

My Big Italian Adventure: A Brief Introduction of The Host

Oscar and Emmy nominated actress, Lorraine Bracco, from ‘Goodfellas’ and ‘The Sopranos’ fame serves as both the host and lead star of this reality series. She reaches the tiny hilltop town of Sambuca di Sicilia to renovate a derelict 1,075-square-foot property. In her endeavor, she takes the help of an architect, a contractor named Piero, translator Cynthia, and other local experts.

Bracco expressed her excitement in being a part of such a unique project in HGTV’s press release: “I believe life is an adventure. When I saw the article that you could buy a house in Sambuca for one euro, I jumped on it. So, I came on the plane. I bought the house. I’m very excited to be here, meet and work with the locals, and live amongst them. I’m here to pay homage to my family that comes from Sicily.”

What is My Big Italian Adventure About?

‘My Big Italian Adventure’ follows actress Lorraine Bracco as she sets off on a difficult quest to renovate a 200-year-old home, which she bought for just one euro! The 1,075-square-foot property is located in Sambuca di Sicilia and falls under the Sambuca one-euro program — launched by the mayor to enable quick sales of the town’s vacant homes. His end goal is to motivate people to embrace rural living. However, the redesign of the purchased home must be finished within three years.

The centuries-old home has several issues. It is not only crumbling to bits but it also has no electricity and running water. The kitchen and bathrooms need to be gutted because of damaged floors, walls, and roofs. However, Lorraine is not discouraged. With the help of her team, she is hell-bent on transforming the place into a gorgeous Italian retreat where she can relax with her fam. She wants her overhauled house to feature a custom tiled rug, a dreamy Sicilian-inspired bedroom, and an indoor courtyard — complete with custom water features.

As expressed by Lorraine herself in HGTV’s press release: “This is a huge undertaking. I’m not a contractor. I’m not a decorator. I’m an actress. I’ve never done this before. I have no idea what I’m really getting into! It’s a lot of work, but everything is possible. I believe that. And for one euro, we’ll see!”

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