When Will My Country: The New Age Season 2 Premiere On Netflix?

My Country: The New Age is a South Korean television series that airs on Netflix. The show is a historical drama that is set between the transition period of Goryeo dynasty’s fall and the rise of the Joseon dynasty.

Netflix, as one of the leading giants of the online streaming networks, is consistently expanding its reach in the Asian entertainment market. The global streaming platform’s involvement with the Korean content has received positive feedback from the audience. “When we started three years ago, we had a high degree of confidence that Korean drama would work well in Asia, but we had no internal metrics of our own,” said the Korean content director Kim Minyoung in an interview with Variety. While the company is still experimenting with different genres, shows like ‘Romance is a Bonus Book’, ‘Arthdal Chronicles’, ‘Abyss’ etc. have proven to be a huge success.

Taking the strategy forward, the network once again dived into the content world of K-drama and brought us the periodic series My Country: The New Age. The series features two friends who turned against each other in order to do what was best for their country. It is set in the era of the 14th century when the end of the Goryeo dynasty paved way for the rise of the Joseon dynasty, a transition that changed the history of Korea. There have also been shows in the past like ‘Six Flying Dragons’ and ‘The Great Seer’ that have featured the rise of the latter dynasty.

My Country: The New Age Season 2 Release Date: When will it Premiere?

My Country: The New Age Season 1 premiered on October 4, 2019, on JTBC and Netflix.

The show aired its final episode on November 23, 2019 and has gathered positive feedback from the audience, mainly due to K-drama’s straightforward yet interesting story-telling format and good-looking actors’ incredible performances. Though, as most of the Korean series are self-contained, meaning they end their stories in the first season itself, it is unlikely that My Country: The New Age will return for season 2.

Although, if the series was to return for a season 2, the show might give us more insight into the rein of Joreson dynasty and how it further affected the relationship dynamics of the three leads. If renewed, you can expect My Country: The New Age season 2 to release sometime in October 2021.

My Country: The New Age Cast

The story mainly revolves around three characters. Yang Se-jong, better known for ‘Temperature of Love’ plays the character of Seo Hwi, a young man whose father was wrongly executed, thus refraining him from any chance of advancement. Woo Do-hwan, known for his performance in ‘Tempted’ and ‘Mad Dog’, plays the character of Nam Sun-ho, the best friend of Seo and son of an influential man, who allegedly had something to with the Seo’s father’s execution conspiracy. They both have a common love interest, Han Hee-jae, who is trying to find her family roots. The character is played by Kim Seol-hyun (‘Ugly Alert’).

Apart from these main leads, the cast also includes Kim Yeong-cheol as Lee Seong-gye, a powerful military soldier who seized the throne with the help of Confucian scholars, Park Ye-jin as Queen Sindeok, Lee Hyun-Kyun as Lee Bang-gan, and Ahn Nae-sang as Nam Jeon along with many others supporting members.

What is My Country: The New Age About?

The Joseon era began in 1392. The military commander Lee Seong-gye disobeyed the command of the king to attack the Ming forces. With the help of the government officials and like-minded Confucian scholars, he tried to overthrow the Goryeo family as they all saw them as inefficient government. The story begins when Commander Lee sends his best soldier, Seon Hwi to invade a stronghold. There, he is met with Nam Seon-ho and the story takes us ten years back, to the time when they became friends.

Seon Hwi is a common blacksmith, whose father was disgraced during his career and Seon-ho is the son of a nobleman, whose mother is a concubine. While the former is rejected from any military exam as due to his family history, he and his epileptic sister as considered as ‘ghosts’, the latter is unable to clear the exams due to the political corruption.

They meet Han Hee-jae while she was putting up anti-war posters and after being chased by the General’s forces, they all hide in the kisaeng house. This is the beginning of their friendship.

During one hunting session, Hwi trains Seon-ho on his archery skills. The Right Chancellor gets impressed with what he sees and gives Hwi a chance to apply for the military exam, only if he uses one of his arrowheads correctly. Thus, Seon Hwi over the years becomes one of the best soldiers in the military. After his intersection of path with one of his oldest friends, a series of misunderstandings and conflicts starts. The equation between the two, also has a lot to do with Hee-jae, as they both are in love with her.

My Country: The New Age Trailer

Check out the trailer of My Country: The New Age season 1 trailer below:

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