My Hero Academia Season 5 Episode 4: What to Expect?

Based on a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Kouhei Horikoshi, ‘My Hero Academia’ or ‘Boku no Hero Academia’ is a superhero anime series. It is set in a world where 80% of the population has various extraordinary abilities or Quirks. The protagonist, Izuku Midoriya, originally belonged to the other 20%. However, after being chosen by the greatest hero in the world, All Might, as his successor, Midoriya inherits a Quirk and starts attending U.A. High School to become a professional hero in the future. On April 3, 2016, the show premiered and garnered rave reviews from fans and critics alike. Season 5 began airing on March 27, 2021. Here is everything you need to know about its upcoming episode.

My Hero Academia Season 5 Episode 4 Release Date

‘My Hero Academia’ season 5 episode 4, titled ‘Make It Happen, Shinso!’ is set to release on April 17, 2021. Studio Bones produced the series, with Kenji Nagasaki and Masahiro Mukai serving as directors and Yousuke Kuroda as the primary writer. Hitomi Odashima and Yoshihiko Umakoshi designed the characters, while Yuki Hayashi composed the music. DISH performed the opening theme, “No. 1,” and the peggies sang the ending theme, “Ashiato.”

Where to Watch My Hero Academia Season 5 Online

Subscribed viewers can watch ‘My Hero Academia’ season 5 episodes on Funimation with Japanese audio and English subtitles on the same day as they air in Japan. Also, on Funimation, the Portuguese and Spanish subtitled versions will be available. On April 10, 2021, Funimation started streaming the dubbed versions of the episodes. In the US, the season is available on Hulu.

The episodes of season 5 can be watched on Crunchyroll as well. Scandinavian viewers can watch season 5 with Japanese audio and English subtitles on Wakanim. Viewers in Australia and New Zealand can do the same on AnimeLab. Furthermore, season 5 episodes are streaming in various South and Southeast Asian regions on Viu, Bilibili, WeTV, iflix, and several other Medialink affiliates. Season 5 is also available on Netflix in certain Asian countries, including Japan and India.

My Hero Academia Season 5 Episode 4 Spoilers

In episode 4, Team Asui, comprised of Tsuyu Asui, Eijirou Kirishima, Denki Kaminari, Koji Koda, and Shinso, might continue battling the team of Ibara Shiozaki, Kosei Tsuburaba, Hiryu Rin, and Jurota Shishida from Class 1-B. In the previous episode, using a combination of his brainwashing Quirk and artificial vocal cords, Shinso imitates Kosei’s voice and stops a rampaging Jurota, who is in his Beast mode. So the next time, Shinso might try to capture both Kosei and Jurota by using the binding cloth he has on him but might find it to be quite challenging.

Kosei might trap him with his Solid Air Quirk just as he has trapped Koji. Denki might use his electrification Quirk to stop Jurota. Ibara might capture Denki by using her vines Quirk. Jurota might try to take out Shinso by tracking him with his enhanced senses. The episode might also deal with certain overarching plots, including Midoriya’s dream, the developing mutual crush between him and Ochako, and his persisting rivalry with Bakugou. The Todoroki family issues might also be mentioned.

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