Will ‘My Holo Love’ Return on Netflix?

My Holo Love Season 1

Can a human and an AI fall in love? This is the central premise of Netflix’s upcoming science fiction romantic drama ‘My Holo Love.’ The South Korean show revolves around the lives of three emotionally flawed characters – Go Nan-do, Han So-yeon and Holo, who happen to cross each other’s paths following a scientific experiment. Go Nan-do develops romantic feelings for Han So-yeon but she is in love with Holo. A basic love triangle, right? No. There’s a catch. Holo is – wait for it – a personal hologram AI, who also is a spitting image of Go Nan-do.

Lee Sang-yeop, best known for ‘Familiar Wife,’ and ‘Shopaholic Louis’ serves as the director of ‘My Holo Love,’ while it’s penned by acclaimed screenwriter Ryu Yong-jae, who has also penned the script for ‘Time Between Dog and Wolf, and ‘Pied Piper.’

Netflix’s first Korean drama of 2020, ‘My Holo Love,’ delivers an unconventional and heart-warming tale of love, togetherness and heartbreak, that is high on emotions and also gratifies the science fiction fans. Now, the fans of the show must be wanting to know if there will be a ‘My Holo Love’ season 2. Read on.

My Holo Love Season 2 Release Date: When Will it Premiere?

‘My Holo Love’ season 1 released on Netflix on February 7, 2020 on Netflix.

As far as the next season goes, here’s what we know. The story of ‘My Holo Love’ looks far from over. There are so many directions that the show can take. If the makers want to continue the show, there’s no dearth of options available at their behest. More importantly, Netflix has recently shown huge interest in producing k-dramas. So, it makes perfect sense for the streaming giant to renew ‘My Holo Love’ so as to solidify the k-drama fan base. But, strangely, the show has been labeled “Limited Series”, which makes things interesting. Usually, a limited series is not renewed.

So, does it mean there won’t be more of ‘My Holo Love’? I still believe the final decision will be taken by Netflix based on viewership numbers, we believe the show will get renewed, especially when you take into account the streaming giant’s continued investment in building a massive repository of foreign shows. If renewed, ‘My Holo Love’ season 2 can release sometime in February 2021.

My Holo Love Cast: Who is in it?

South Korean actor Yoon Hyun-min, headlines the cast by playing two characters – the Artificial Intelligence hologram, Holo and his creator Go Nan-do. He is recognized for his performance in the crime drama ‘Tunnel’ and ‘Witch of Court.’ Joining Hyun-min as the lead is Ko Sung-hee, the emotionally vulnerable manager Han So-yeon, who is stuck in a triangle of love between the Holo and Go Nan-do. The award-winning actor is known for her roles in ‘Diary of a Night Watchman’ and ‘While You Were Sleeping.’

Choi Yeo-jin essays the character of Go Yoo-jin, Go Nan-do’s stepsister, while Hwang Chan-sung stars as the shady man, whose sole purpose is to find Hologlass. The supporting cast also includes Kim Yong-min, Kim Soo-jin, Jung Young-ki, and Son Jong-hak.

My Holo Love Plot: What is it About?

Han So-yeon is a 30-year-old assistant manager of the PR team at an eye wear company, Prism. She suffers from Prosopagnosia, a neurological disorder which impairs a person’s ability to recognize faces. She often gets subjected to judgement from her peers, who are unaware of her condition, and therefore, label her as arrogant and rude. Because of which, Han So-yeon denies herself the little joys of life like making friends or visiting public places like parks, malls, etc. and lives an isolated life.

Her life changes when she gets her hands on a pair of glasses that acts as a switch to the beta version of an AI program Holo, whose appearance is exactly the same as its creator, Go Nan-do. Go Nan-do is presumed dead since the last 10 years and can’t come out in the open because of his dark past, which involves a hacking incident that led to him being pursued by a gang. Therefore, he creates Holo.

Holo starts spending a lot of time with So-yeon, to kill her loneliness. On the other hand, Go Nan-do starts falling in love with So-yeon by watching her interactions with Holo, on his screen. Whereas, So-yeon is smitten by Holo’s benevolent and selfless nature.

Holo is designed to think that he possesses feelings but he actually can’t feel. This changes when Holo breaks a rule for So-yeon because he feels a connection to her. Both Holo and Go Nan-do are poles apart, when it comes to their personalities. Who will So-yeon chose? Watch the show, to find out.

My Holo Love Trailer

Check out the heartwarming trailer of ‘My Holo Love’ season 1!