My Secret Terrius Episode 10: All the Details You Need to Know

‘My Secret Terrius’ is a South Korean romantic comedy, cum mystery series. The show started airing in September 2018 and follows a woman named Go Ae-rin, who loses her husband. She digs deeper and is helped by Kim Bon, her neighbor, who happens to be a NIS agent. Together, they uncover that Ae-rin’s husband’s disappearance is part of a much larger conspiracy.

Naturally, you might be curious about why the world is talking about a 2018 South Korean show, in 2020, all of a sudden. Well, this is because Episode 10 of the series makes some eerie references to a mutated form of the coronavirus, and a lot of what is said on the show is actually how the nightmarish situation is playing out in real life.

Now that we’re all on lockdown, and our imaginations are running wild, you might be curious to know what goes down in the ominously prophetic Episode 10. We are here to give you a rundown, and explain the part about the coronavirus.

My Secret Terrius Episode 10 Recap:

We see Ae-rin at an interview with Ji-Yeon, where she takes advantage of the latter’s curiosity about J International, to land the job. She takes her children out to celebrate, and Bon tags along. There is a really homely scene where Ae-rin chases her children around in Bon’s austere apartment.

Ji-Yeon wonders why Bon didn’t inform them of Ae-rin working at J International, but Do-woo reasons that he must want to help her out, without involving her in their business. Ji-Yeon passes Ae-rin’s dossier to Director Shim, saying that she’s the widow of the witness. Ae-rin works to push up sales at King’s Bag, so their boss keeps her as well as Doo-woo.

Meanwhile, at the NIS headquarters, Bon meets the others, and it appears that J International is clean. Ae-rin thanks Bon for helping her out, returning the favor, and allowing the NIS agent to keep paying for his new car. Soon, the news of additional defense weapons being purchased makes it to the news, and the agents realize that Lucascone is the company behind it.

This company has ties to J International, raising suspicions. Meanwhile, Young-tae gets a call from his boss and updates the astrology website. He adds a forecast for Aries and a High Priestess tarot card. A dark figure breaks into the NIS headquarters and photographs Ae-rin’s dossier.

When Bon checks on the astrology website, he goes pale, upon seeing that the High Priestess card has the coordinates for his and Ae-rin’s apartments. As he tries to get to Ae-rin, he notices a reflective light in a window, reminding him of Candy’s death in Poland. He courageously leaps and tackles Ae-rin to the ground.

My Secret Terrius Coronavirus Scene, Explained:

Now, in all this action, a keen viewer has pointed out that this episode makes mention of the coronavirus. In fact, you can see their tweet, telling you exactly which part refers to the coronavirus.

In this section, you’ll notice that the doctor refers to how the coronavirus has been mutated and affects the respiratory system. The doctor says “What’s more serious is that the coronavirus has an incubation period of two to 14 days,” and goes on to confirm that there is “no cure or vaccine available at the moment.”

The show also tells us this virus is man-made and attacks the lungs within five minutes of being exposed. She also compares it to the MERS virus, saying that this man-made strain of coronavirus has a mortality rate to 90%.

While many have taken this as an eerie prediction, like the ones we’ve come to expect from ‘The Simpsons‘, others have put on their tinfoil hats to say that COVID-19 is man-made. At this time, we’d like to urge our readers not to panic. The coronavirus itself has been around for a very long time, and South Korea has faced MERS and SARS, which are strains of the coronavirus.

Thus, it is logical that knowledge of said virus would be accessible to the public, and ‘My Secret Terrius’ has taken the creative liberty to portray a more menacing strain. Unfortunately, some symptoms of this strain are similar to the Novel Coronavirus that originated in Wuhan.

Apart from the coronavirus connection, ‘My Secret Terrius’ is still a fascinating watch, but again, we’d like to urge our readers not to try and rationalize a pandemic through conspiracy theories of a man-made virus. Instead, stay home, stay safe, and hope this blows over soon.

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