Where to Stream ‘My Secret Terrius’?

Move over ‘The Simpsons‘, we have found a new prophetic show to binge on, while we are in lockdown mode. The coronavirus pandemic scare is very real at the moment, with most of the world in lockdown, trying to contain the spread of the virus. Why am I talking about the coronavirus while discussing a 2018 South Korean show? Well, this is because ‘My Secret Terrius’ is now in the spotlight, due to the oddly specific mention of a lethal coronavirus strain in Episode 10. You can read our explanation here.

Naturally, you might be curious about where you can stream ‘My Secret Terrius’, and we have got you covered, right after telling you what the show’s about.

What is My Secret Terrius About?

‘My Secret Terrius’ tells us the story of Go Ae-rin, a woman who loses her husband. She decides to try and get to the bottom of his death. In this mission, she is assisted by Kim Bon, her neighbor, who is a NIS agent. Although Bon has detached himself from the world, after a failed mission, he cannot wash his hands off this mystery.

Together, the two investigate, to find that Ae-rin’s husband’s death is tied to a conspiracy larger than both of them.

Is My Secret Terrius on Netflix?

Netflix has a stellar collection of movies and television shows, which is what draws a large number of online viewers to the platform. In fact, it was a viewer who was streaming the show on Netflix, who noticed the mention of coronavirus in Episode 10. However, the show appears to be on Netflix UK, and not Netflix US.

Thus, you cannot watch ‘My Secret Terrius’ if you’re an American subscriber. Instead, you can check out ‘Pandemic: How to Prevent an Outbreak‘.

Is My Secret Terrius on Hulu?

Hulu is always trying to stay ahead of the competition by smartly curating a library, to cater to diverse tastes. While ‘My Secret Terrius’ is not on the platform, you can check out other conspiracy shows like ‘Homeland‘.

Is My Secret Terrius on Amazon Prime?

Amazon Prime gives Netflix rather stiff competition when it comes to content. Globally sourcing films and shows from across the world, the platform has something for everyone. While ‘My Secret Terrius’ is not on Prime, you can check out ‘Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan‘. Ultimately, this is also a story about a spy, much like ‘My Secret Terrius’ involves a NIS agent.

Where Can I Stream My Secret Terrius Online?

Unfortunately, ‘My Secret Terrius’ is not available for streaming anywhere at the moment. Unless, you’re residing in the UK, and happen to have a Netflix subscription, you’re out of luck.

Can I Stream My Secret Terrius Online For Free?

Sorry, at the moment it does not appear that you can watch ‘My Secret Terrius’ for free. However, there is a chance that the show might make its way to Netflix US, as it is already available for Netflix UK subscribers. Once, it does become available in the US, you can use Netflix’s free trial period to watch the show.

However, we urge our readers to pay for all the art you consume.

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